RS 25:124.1     

§124.1.  Depositories

A.  The State Library of Louisiana and Louisiana State University Library at Baton Rouge are hereby designated complete public document depositories.  Other Louisiana libraries may request complete public document depository status.

B.  Libraries, including those in state agencies and other institutions, may contract with the state librarian to become depositories.

C.  Each historical, complete, and selective depository shall agree to make public documents accessible to the public, and to render free service in their use.  All depositories shall abide by the rules and regulations promulgated by the state librarian.  Extended noncompliance with the contract provisions shall result in the loss of depository status.

Added by Acts 1981, No. 906, §1; Acts 1991, No. 938, §2; Acts 2001, No. 893, §1.