RS 29:292     

§292.  Honor guard for military funerals; organizations authorized to request services

A.  The Reserve Officers Training Corps units at Louisiana State University, including branches at Chambers and New Orleans, and of colleges under the control of the state board of education are authorized and directed to provide an honor guard for military funerals.  The designated unit shall consist of a bugler and not less than seven nor more than ten men who are trained in the procedure of conducting military burial services.  The honor guard shall be under the direction of the commander of the Reserve Officers Training Corps or a person or persons appointed by him to command such unit.  The unit shall serve a radius of seventy-five miles of the institution where the unit is located during the academic year and the students shall receive drill credit for the military funerals they attend.  

B.  The following congressionally approved organizations are authorized to request the services of this special unit through their duly elected post commander: American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Veterans of World War II, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans and the Marine Corps League.  

Acts 1960, No. 118, §1.