RS 39:326     

§326.  Regulations of commissioner governing inventories, inventory reports, other records; sanctions for noncompliance

A.  The commissioner is authorized to make regulations governing the manner in which inventories shall be conducted, the maintenance of the files, and the information to be included therein, in addition to the information required by this Part.

B.  The commissioner shall make regulations establishing systems of accounting for property, keeping of records, submission of reports and the forms thereof, in addition to the procedures, records and reports otherwise required by this Part.  The commissioner may furnish any of such forms and require their use by property managers.

C.  The commissioner, by regulations applying uniformly to all budget units, may designate:

(1)  Categories or particular items of property which shall be considered to be movable for purposes of this Part even though connected with, attached to, or placed upon immovable property; and

(2)  Categories or particular items of property which shall be considered nonconsumable for purposes of this Part.

D.  In addition to other powers, the commissioner shall have the authority to invoke any or all of the following sanctions when an agency is found by the commissioner to be in noncompliance with this Part or with the regulations adopted in accordance herewith:

(1)  Call in the performance bond filed with the commissioner by the agency's property manager or, if the agency has more than one property  manager, the property manager responsible for the activities or property found to be in noncompliance.

(2)  Until compliance is accomplished, restrict the acquisition by the agency of property or require the approval of the commissioner for such acquisition.

(3)  At the agency's expense, contract for the resources necessary to accomplish compliance by the agency.

(4)  Take other action or combination of actions as authorized until compliance by the agency is accomplished.

Acts 1983, No. 167, §1; Acts 1995, No. 1082, §1, eff. June 29, 1995.