RS 42:1155     

§1155.  Penalties for illegal gain; forfeiture of gifts, payments

A.  If an investigation conducted pursuant to this Part reveals that any public servant or other person has violated any law within the jurisdiction of the Board of Ethics to his economic advantage, and after an adjudicatory hearing on the matter, the Ethics Adjudicatory Board may order the payment of penalties.  Recovery may include, in addition to an amount equal to such economic advantage, penalties not to exceed one half of the amount of the economic advantage.  Any appeal of such final decision by the Ethics Adjudicatory Board shall be to the Court of Appeal, First Circuit, pursuant to R.S. 42:1142.

B.  The Ethics Adjudicatory Board is authorized to order the forfeiture of any gifts or payments made in violation of this Chapter.

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NOTE:  See Acts 2012, No.608, §3, relative to the prospective application of Act.