Senate Daily Digest
April 14, 2015
4:00 pm
Senate Chamber


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Senate Resolutions 2nd Reading
 SR3FRED MILLSSENATE - Commends Tara MacInnes for her tireless works with Moyamoya disease and recognizes May 6, 2015, as Moyamoya Disease Awareness Day.
 SR4MORRISHSENATE - Designates the week of November 9 through 16, 2015, as "School Psychologist Week".
 SR5PETERSONCOMMENDATIONS - Honors and recognizes the contributions made by McClurie Sampson Sr. to Washington Parish and the state of Louisiana.
 SR6FRED MILLSCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Jacques Laviolette on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.
 SR9CROWESENATE - Commends the Republic of China, known as Taiwan, for positive economic relations and friendship with the state of Louisiana.
 SR10PEACOCKCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Margaret Martin on her many extraordinary accomplishments.
 SR11MORRELLPOSTSECONDARY ED - Creates task force to study the postsecondary education disciplinary process for campus rape and sexual assault.
 SR12MORRELLCRIMINAL JUSTICE - Extends the Pretrial Service Commission deadline until March 1, 2017.
 SR13WALSWORTHLEGIS POWERS/FUNCTIONS - Recognizes Wednesday, April 29, 2015, as Eating Disorder Awareness and Prevention Day at the Louisiana State Capitol.
 SR14WALSWORTHCOMMENDATIONS - Congratulates Congressman Steve Scalise on being elected Majority Whip of the United States House of Representatives.
 SR15THOMPSONCOMMENDATIONS - Commends and congratulates the University of Louisiana at Monroe water ski team for its national championship win at the 26th National Collegiate Water Ski Association Conference.
 SR16J.SMITHCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Virgie Sue Evans Prewitt Davis upon the occasion of her one hundredth birthday.
 SR17BROOMECOMMENDATIONS - Commends the Volunteer Louisiana Commission for its support of national service and volunteerism in Louisiana.
 SR18MORRELLSENATE - Designates the month of April 2015 as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Senate Concurrent Resolutions 2nd Reading
 SCR8ALARIOCONDOLENCES - Expresses sincere condolences upon the passing of Charles Tubre, an advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities and the elderly.
 SCR9ALARIOCONDOLENCES - Expresses sincere condolences upon the passing of former Louisiana State Senator Elwyn J. Nicholson of Marrero.
 SCR10CORTEZCONGRESS - Designate May 2015 as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Awareness Month and memorializes Congress to provide additional funding for research for the treatment and cure of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
 SCR11CROWECOMMENDATIONS - Congratulates Willard and Inez LeBlanc Hunt on the celebration of seventy years of marriage.
 SCR12ERDEYCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Arthur Perkins for his substantial legacy of service to his community, particularly his twenty-six years of service on the Denham Springs City Council.
 SCR13THOMPSONCOMMENDATIONS - Recognizes the 25th anniversary of the Affordable Housing Program and the program's contributions to the citizens of Louisiana.
 SCR14MORRISHCHILDREN - Continues and provides for the Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children until 2017.
 SCR15MORRISHCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Milton Vanicor for his passion, devotion, and nearly eighty years of commitment to Cajun music.
 SCR16FRED MILLSLEGISLATIVE AGENCIES - Directs the Louisiana State Law Institute to establish a working group to study laws relative to marijuana and make recommendations to protect public safety, hold offenders accountable, and control costs to the criminal justice system.
 SCR17FRED MILLSHEALTH/HOSPITALS DEPT - Directs the Department of Health and Hospitals to evaluate and report on the health benefits and costs of adding Krabbe disease to the list of mandatory screenings performed on newborns under certain circumstances.
 SCR18BODI WHITEHEALTH SERVICES - Authorizes and directs the Louisiana Emergency Response Network (LERN) to organize and facilitate a working group of healthcare providers who deal with victims of trauma to develop recommendations for a Level III Trauma Center in Northeast Louisiana.
 SCR19FRED MILLSPHYSICAL THERAPISTS - Directs the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board to create the Physical Therapy Patient Access Review Committee.
 SCR20MURRAYETHICS - Requests the Louisiana Board of Ethics to issue an advisory opinion regarding whether persons working at a public school even if employed by a private company, or public employees.
 SCR21BROOMEHEALTH CARE - Requests the Capital Area Human Services District develop a crisis stabilization unit for the Capital Region.
 SCR22BROOMECOMMENDATIONS - Commends the Volunteer Louisiana Commission for its support of national service and volunteerism in Louisiana.
 SCR23JOHNSCOMMENDATIONS - Commends the 2015 Division III St. Louis Catholic State Championship Soccer Team.
 SCR24JOHNSCONDOLENCES - Expresses condolences upon the death of Deborah Lechtenberg Warshaw.
 SCR25ERDEYCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Mayor James Durbin on his retirement as mayor of Denham Springs.
 SCR26ERDEYCONDOLENCES - Expresses sincere and heartfelt condolences upon the death of Louis Charles Bartus.
 SCR27ERDEYCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Dr. Milton Hughes on his retirement from the Livingston Parish School Board and on 44 years of dedicated public service.
 SCR28CROWECOMMENDATIONS - Commends NASA on its significant accomplishments, both technical and scientific, and the Michoud Assembly Facility for its contributions to these advances which have positively impacted both the nation and the state of Louisiana.
 SCR29MORRELLCRIMINAL JUSTICE - Extends the Capital Punishment Fiscal Impact Commission study and reporting deadline until January 1, 2018.
 SCR30MORRELLCOMMENDATIONS - Designates April 28, 2015, as Purple and Teal Day and recognizes the efforts of the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
 SCR31ERDEYCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Keith Martin on his retirement from the Livingston Parish School Board.
 SCR32CORTEZCOMMENDATIONS - Commends posthumously law enforcement officers from the Acadiana region who died or were slain in the line of duty.