House Order of the Day
April 14, 2015
4:00 pm
House Chamber


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House Committee Grid
  BLUE = already considered.   RED = currently being considered.   BLACK = not yet considered.
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1. Roll Call

2. Prayer

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Reading of Journal

5. Petitions, Memorials, and Communications

6. Introduction of Resolutions

7. Introduction of Bills

8. Senate Bills on First Reading

9. Reports of Committees

10. House and House Concurrent Resolutions Lying Over
 HCR23ABRAMSONU.S. CONSTITUTION - Applies to congress to call a constitutional convention to propose amendments to address term limits for federal officials and members of congress, election reform, ethics for public servants, financial discipline, states' countermand authority, and other appropriate matters to modernize the constitution and enhance the freedoms, opportunities, and prosperity of the people
 HCR24ABRAMSONCONSTITUTION/CONVENTION - Provides for an in-depth study of the need for a plan for the conduct of a constitutional convention, creates a committee for such purpose, and expresses legislative intent to call a convention based upon the results of such study
 HCR29HARRISONENVIRONMENT/AIR - Urges and requests the United States Environmental Protection Agency not to adopt the proposed guidelines on carbon dioxide emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired electric units
 HCR35HUNTERU.S. - Requests that the U.S. Postal Service consider assigning a new zip code to the town of Richwood in Ouachita Parish
 HCR39HOLLISELECTIONS/RECALL - Requests the House and Governmental Affairs and Senate and Governmental Affairs committees to meet and function as a joint committee to study the advisability of reducing the number of signatures required to have a recall election

12. House Bills on Second Reading to be Referred to Committee
 HB777ST.GERMAINTAX/GASOLINE TAX - Increases the state excise tax on gasoline, diesel, and special fuels for ten years (EG +$300,000,000 SD RV See Note)
 HB778ST.GERMAINTAX/SALES-USE, STATE - Imposes a one cent state sales and use tax for ten years dedicated to the construction of highways and bridges constituting major economic development corridors and capitalization of the Louisiana State Transportation Infrastructure Bank (EG +$792,000,000 SD RV See Note)
 HB779PONTITAX CREDITS - Provides with respect to the solar energy systems tax credit (EN +$19,000,000 GF RV See Note)


Morning Hour

12. House Bills on Second Reading to be Referred to Committee
 HB707M.JOHNSON(DISTRICT 8)MARRIAGE - Creates the Marriage and Conscience Act