Senate Daily Digest
May 14, 2015
9:00 am
Senate Chamber


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Senate Resolutions 2nd Reading
 SR114NEVERSCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Bruce E. Cutrer, Fire Chief for Tangipahoa Parish Fire District No. 1, for his many accomplishments as a firefighter.
 SR115HEITMEIERCOMMENDATIONS - Congratulates Amanda Scott Trapp on her earning a Master of Public Administration from the LSU E. J. Ourso College of Business.
 SR116HEITMEIERLEGIS POWERS/FUNCTIONS - Recognizes the month of September 2015 as Pain Awareness Month in Louisiana.

Senate Resolutions 2nd Reading Subject to Call
 SR108TROY BROWNCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Danielle Deggs on starting the first African-American owned and operated residential and commercial real estate agency in Iberville Parish.

Senate Concurrent Resolutions 2nd Reading
 SCR96JOHNSCONDOLENCES - Expresses condolences on the death of Charlie "Pappy" Hillebrandt.
 SCR97LONGCOMMENDATIONS - Commends the Florien High School Lady Blackcats softball team for winning its third consecutive state championship.
 SCR98CORTEZCOMMENDATIONS - Commends posthumously law enforcement officers from the Acadiana region who died or were slain in the line of duty.
 SCR99CROWEJOINT RULES - Requires each organizational session include fiscal training for all legislators.
 SCR100DORSEY-COLOMBCRIMINAL JUSTICE - Requests the Louisiana State Law Institute to study the impact on reducing the delays in carrying out a capital punishment sentence.

House Bills on Second Reading to be Referred
 HB57HONOREWEAPONS/FIREARMS - Excludes the legislative auditor and designated investigative auditors from prosecution for the illegal carrying of weapons in certain circumstances
 HB149BADONCRIMINAL/SENTENCING - Amends certain criminal penalties for possession of marijuana (EN -$1,727,056 GF EX See Note)
 HB185LORUSSOINSURANCE COMMISSIONER - Authorizes the commissioner of insurance to maintain and to share confidential information with other state, federal, and international entities
 HB189RITCHIELEGISLATIVE SESSIONS - (Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to legislative sessions convening in even- and odd-numbered years (RE SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB196SCHEXNAYDERPROPERTY/SERVITUDES - Provides relative to utility servitudes
 HB233B.ADAMSALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - Authorizes the permitting and operation of microdistilleries in Louisiana (EN INCREASE SG RV See Note)
 HB242T.BURNSELECTION CODE - Makes revisions to the La. Election Code (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 HB325W.BISHOPDISTRICTS/CRIME PREVENT - Creates the Faubourg Marigny Security and Improvement District in Orleans Parish (EN +$442,300 LF RV See Note)
 HB336CONNICKTAX/SALES & USE - Provides for the collection of sales and use tax imposed on the purchase of motor vehicles by certain foreign business entities (EN INCREASE GF RV See Note)
 HB358SCHRODERVETERINARIANS - Authorizes the state veterinarian to quarantine any animal until certain inspections are completed
 HB393LORUSSOWORKERS COMPENSATION - Provides relative to permissible investments of group self-insurance funds
 HB497HENRYCIVIL/ACTIONS - Provides for the recovery of damages for injuries arising out of an act of terror
 HB518STOKESLEGISLATIVE SESSIONS - (Constitutional Amendment) Provides for matters which may be considered in a regular session convening in an odd-numbered year (REC NO IMPACT See Note)
 HB581ARMESMOTOR VEHICLES - Authorizes the use of "utility terrain vehicles" on certain roads. (EN INCREASE SG RV See Note)
 HB618ST.GERMAINTRANSPORTATION - (Constitutional Amendment) To authorize public funds to be used to invest in a state infrastructure bank for eligible transportation projects (EN SEE FISC NOTE SD RV See Note)
 HB646HARRISONBUDGETARY CONTROLS - Provides for an incentive expenditure forecast (EG SEE FISC NOTE GF RV See Note)
 HB692ROBIDEAUXPROPERTY/UNCLAIMED - Provides relative to the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (EN NO IMPACT See Note)

House Concurrent Resolutions 2nd Reading
 HCR73LEGERJUVENILE PROCEDURE - Requests the Institute on Public Health and Justice to study the issue of raising the age of juvenile jurisdiction to include seventeen-year olds
 HCR92WILLMOTTHEALTH/EMERG MED SERVICE - Authorizes and directs the Dept. of Health and Hospitals to issue administrative rules concerning transportation of patients with cardiac and stroke emergencies
 HCR139HONORESPECIAL DAY/WEEK/MONTH - Designates Friday, May 15, 2015, as a significant date in the history of black law enforcement officers with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office

Senate Bills Reported by Committee
 SB113GALLOTPSYCHOLOGISTS - Provides relative to membership of the State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, qualifications of certain licensees, and maintenance of board documents and records. (8/1/15)
 SB171MORRISHHEALTH/ACC INSURANCE - Provides for self-insured trust health insurance plans. (8/1/15)
 SB250JOHNSLAW ENFORCEMENT - Creates a pilot program (Statewide Motor Vehicle Theft and Uninsured Motorists Identification Program) involving the use of license plate recognition devices for certain purposes. (8/1/15)

House Bills Reported by Committee
 HB79BURFORDPUBLIC HEALTH - Provides relative to producers of raw honey in the home for sale
 HB177WHITNEYEXCEP PERSON/DEV DISABLE - Provides relative to roles of human services authorities and districts in implementation of the Developmental Disability Law (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 HB184HUVALINSURERS/AGENTS - Provides relative to renewal of an insurance producer license
 HB210MORENODRUGS - Authorizes the prescribing or dispensing of naloxone to third parties
 HB214PIERREINSURANCE/SURPLUS LINE - Provides relative to the creation of domestic surplus lines insurers
 HB215LEBASINSURANCE COMMISSIONER - Specifies the contents of a notice of wrongful conduct, including showing cause as to why regulatory action should not be taken by the insurance commissioner
 HB221HALLINSURANCE/SURPLUS LINE - Provides relative to reporting requirements for the surplus lines insurance tax
 HB257SEABAUGHINSURANCE/HEALTH - Provides relative to healthcare provider credentialing
 HB270ARMESMEDICAID - Provides relative to filing of Medicaid claims (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 HB304HALLDRUGS/PRESCRIPTION - Provides relative to sharing of prescription monitoring program information with equivalent programs of other states
 HB357RITCHIEBANKS/BANKING - Provides with respect to banks and financial institutions (EN SEE FISC NOTE SG EX See Note)
 HB381JACKSONHEALTH CARE/PROVIDERS - Exempts certain providers from licensure as behavioral health services providers
 HB394GREGORY MILLERTRADEMARKS/TRADE NAMES - Provides relative to names of business entities, trade names, trademarks, and service marks (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 HB468N.LANDRYREAL ESTATE/REALTORS - Provides relative to realtors
 HB491WILLMOTTDENTISTRY/DENTISTS - Amends the requirements for dental license applicants
 HB554RITCHIEFUNERALS & FUNERAL HOMES - Provides relative to licensed embalmers and funeral directors and related funeral establishments
 HB572ARNOLDPILOTS - Provides relative to steamship pilots
 HB592RITCHIECEMETERY/BOARD - Provides relative to regulatory rates for certain cemetery board matters (EN INCREASE SG RV See Note)
 HB666REYNOLDSBANKS/BANKING - Provides relative to banking provisions and liability of banking directors and officers

Senate Resolutions Reported by Committee to be Adopted
 SR80CROWEECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - Commends Taiwan for the positive economic relations and friendship with Louisiana.

Senate Concurrent Resolutions Reported by Committee
 SCR68MORRISHAGRICULTURAL COMMODITIES - Memorializes Congress to restore trade relations between the United States and Cuba in order to open the market to Louisiana rice.

Senate Bills 3rd Reading and Final Passage
 SB47PERRYDWI - Provides technical changes to current law relative to the crime of driving while intoxicated. (gov sig)
 SB112GALLOTLOCAL OPTION - Provides for a local option election for the sale of liquor and wine in certain areas of Rapides Parish. (gov sig)
 SB283CORTEZCURRICULA - Provides relative to the content of certain Civics courses. (gov sig) (EN NO IMPACT LF EX See Note)

Senate Bills 3rd Reading and Final Passage Subject to Call
 SB29CORTEZMUNICIPALITIES - Provides relative to the city of Lafayette municipal fire and police civil service system. (8/1/16)
 SB38JOHNSMUNICIPALITIES - Provides relative to the city of Lake Charles municipal fire and police civil service system. (gov sig)
 SB61BUFFINGTONHEALTH SERVICES - Provides relative to hospital service districts. (gov sig)
 SB87PERRYETHICS - Provides exception from financial disclosure requirements for members of certain boards and commissions that do not earn compensation or per diem and provides exception to post service restrictions for certain contracts. (See Act)
 SB146CLAITORFUNDS/FUNDING - Provides relative to the Budget Stabilization Fund. (See Act) (EG +$25,000,000 GF RV See Note)
 SB167BUFFINGTONMEDICAID - Provides relative to the Medical Assistance Program. (8/1/15) (EG NO IMPACT See Note)
 SB177ADLEYTAX/AD VALOREM - Constitutional amendment to add certain property tax exemptions and reductions and to provide with respect to tax credits associated with them; to dedicate the net state revenue increase to a Tax Credit Reduction Fund and provide for allocations from the fund; and to provide for appropriations to local tax authorities. (2/3-CA 13sl(A)) (EG -$597,000,000 LF RV See Note)
 SB181ADLEYTAX/INCOME/PERSONAL - Repeals an income tax deduction for the net capital gains on the sale of a nonpublicly traded business commercially domiciled in Louisiana. (gov sig) (EG +$3,700,000 GF RV See Note)
 SB217GALLOTPUBLIC BUILDINGS/GROUNDS - Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Rapides and East Baton Rouge Parishes. (8/1/15)
 SB234DONAHUETAX/TAXATION - Makes certain food businesses and any retail business except grocery stores and pharmacies with a certain number of employees ineligible for Enterprise Zone contracts. (gov sig) (EG +$1,000,000 GF RV See Note)
 SB240ERIC LAFLEURPUBLIC LANDS - Provides for the exchange of school lands by the Avoyelles Parish School Board. (gov sig)
 SB269ADLEYTAX/TAXATION - Requires corporations subject to Louisiana income or franchise tax which have either corporate gross revenues everywhere of $8 billion or $8 million of assets everywhere to file combined returns and limits their NOL deduction to 50% of tax liability. (gov sig) (EG INCREASE GF RV See Note)

House Concurrent Resolutions Reported by Committee to be adopted
 HCR4SIMONHEALTH SERVICES - Expresses the intent of the legislature regarding the standard of care prescribed by law for the practice of telemedicine
 HCR44FOILSTATE AGENCIES - Requests all state agencies in the executive branch of state government to provide for a crisis leave pool and requests the Department of State Civil Service to report progress to the legislature

House Bills 3rd Reading and Final Passage
 HB28MONTOUCETHIGHWAYS - Designates portions of certain highways
 HB36SHADOINHIGHWAYS - Designates a bridge located on Louisiana Highway 2 in Union Parish as the "Alvin Green Memorial Bridge"
 HB75SEABAUGHCOURTS/COURT REPORTERS - Provides for changes in the amount collected by the clerk of court in the 1st Judicial District for the court reporters' fund (EN +$114,850 LF RV See Note)
 HB93HAVARDPORTS/HARBORS/TERMINALS - Provides for meetings of the West Feliciana Port Commission
 HB106HAVARDCOURTS/COURT COSTS - Provides for the reallocation of certain funds from the Feliciana Juvenile Justice District to the district attorney for the Twentieth Judicial District (EN NO IMPACT LF RV See Note)
 HB128CHANEYHIGHWAYS - Designates certain highways in the state highway system
 HB227JIM MORRISHIGHWAYS - Designates the section of I-49 from the overpass at the U.S. Hwy. 71 interchange, in Caddo Parish, to the Arkansas state line in memory of Greg Wall, P.E.
 HB305HARRISONCOURTS/COURT COSTS - Provides for an increase in fees that the office of marshal of Houma may charge in civil matters (EN +$218,000 LF RV See Note)
 HB338DANAHAYTAX APPEALS/BOARD - Provides with respect to the enforcement and adjudication of state and local taxes and the Board of Tax Appeals (EN +$60,000 SG EX See Note)
 HB417BERTHELOTMTR VEHICLE/PUBLIC - Creates an ALS special prestige license plate
 HB470MIGUEZCOURTS/COURT COSTS - Provides for an increase in court costs for the Sixteenth Judicial District Court's Judicial Expense Fund (EN +$387,500 LF RV See Note)
 HB674WHITNEYBRIDGES/FERRIES - Renames a portion of Louisiana Highway 24 over Bayou Terrebonne in Gray, La., as the "Northpark Bridge"
 HB699ABRAMSONMTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES - Creates the "300th Anniversary of the City of New Orleans" specialty license plate