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      CONST 3 18     


§18.  Gubernatorial Action on Bills; Sign, Failure to Sign, Veto; Veto Session

Section 18.(A)  Gubernatorial Action.  If the governor does not approve a bill, he may veto it.  A bill, except a joint resolution, shall become law if the governor signs it or if he fails to sign or veto it within ten days after delivery to him if the legislature is in session on the tenth day after such delivery, or within twenty days after delivery if the tenth day after delivery occurs after the legislature is adjourned.

(B)  Veto Message.  If the governor vetoes a bill, he shall return it to the legislature, with his veto message within twelve days after delivery to him if the legislature is in session.  If the governor returns a vetoed bill after the legislature adjourns, he shall return it, with his veto message, as provided by law.

(C)  Veto Session.  (1)  A bill vetoed and returned and subsequently approved by two-thirds of the elected members of each house shall become law.  The legislature shall meet in veto session in the state capital at noon on the fortieth day following final adjournment of the most recent session, to consider all bills vetoed by the governor.  If the fortieth day falls on Sunday, the session shall convene at noon on the succeeding Monday.  No veto session shall exceed five calendar days, and any veto session may be finally adjourned prior to the end of the fifth day upon a vote of two-thirds of the elected members of each house.

(2)  No veto session shall be held if a majority of the elected members of either house declare in writing that a veto session is unnecessary.  The declaration must be received by the presiding officer of the respective houses at least five days prior to the day on which the veto session is to convene.

Acts 1989, No. 841, §1, approved Oct. 7, 1989, eff. Nov. 7, 1989.

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