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      RS 30:2524     


§2524.  Donations and grants; Louisiana Litter Abatement Grant Program

A.  The section is hereby authorized to accept, administer, and make use of federal, state, and any local and private appropriations, any public and private grants and donations, and, when it is deemed appropriate and feasible, to accept nonmonetary funding in the form of services or equipment for use in connection with any of the programs or purposes of this Part.

B.(1)  The Louisiana Litter Abatement Grant Program is hereby created within the section for the purpose of supporting community-based litter abatement programs.

(2)  Grants through the program shall be made available to local governments and nonprofit organizations.  Funding through the grant program shall be subject to the availability of funds and shall be awarded on a comparative basis to be determined by the section.

(3)  The monies awarded through the grants shall be used to further the administration and execution of the Keep Louisiana Beautiful Program. Allowable uses of grant funding shall include but not be limited to the following:

(a)  Keep America Beautiful fees.

(b)  Keep America Beautiful pre-certification training, education curriculums, and workshops.

(c)  Law enforcement seminars.

(d)  Litter surveys.

(e)  Projects, services, activities, and operational costs of litter abatement programs.

(f)  Materials and services for program development and training.

(g)  Direct expenditures for materials that can facilitate litter reduction, recycling, waste reduction, reuse, and general solid waste management programs.

(h)  Minimal advertising, public relations, and promotional materials necessary for publicity and promotion of program activities.

(i)  Salary of the program coordinator.

(4)  Each successful applicant shall supplement grant funds with a twenty-five percent match from other sources.  All matching funds must be available to the program after the date of the grant award, and funds spent prior to the grant award shall not be considered in fulfillment of the match requirement.

(5)  The department, in cooperation with the section, shall promulgate rules and regulations to implement this Subsection which shall include but not be limited to program submission and program administration requirements.

Acts 1986, 1st Ex.  Sess., No. 32, §1; Acts 1989, No. 687, §1; Acts 1995, No. 1019, §§1, 9; Acts 1997, No. 694, §1.

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