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      RS 36:605     


§605. Powers and duties of the secretary of wildlife and fisheries

            A. In addition to the functions, powers, and duties otherwise vested in the secretary by law, he shall:

            (1) Represent the public interest in the administration of this Chapter and shall be responsible to the governor, the legislature, and the public therefor.

            (2) Determine the policies of the department, except as otherwise provided by this Title.

            (3) In accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, make, alter, amend, and promulgate rules and regulations necessary for the administration of the functions of the department, except as otherwise provided by this Title.

            (4) Organize, plan, supervise, direct, administer, execute, and be responsible for the functions and programs vested in the department, in the manner and to the extent provided by this Title.

            (5) Advise the governor on problems concerning the administration of the department.

            (6) Act as the sole agent of the state or, in necessary cases, designate one of the offices within the department or its assistant secretary, to cooperate with the federal government and with other state and local agencies in matters of mutual concern and in the administration of federal funds granted to the state or directly to the department or an office thereof to aid in the furtherance of any function of the department and its offices. For this purpose he may take such actions, in accordance with applicable state law, necessary to meet such federal standards as are established for the administration and use of such federal funds, except as otherwise specifically provided in this Title or by the constitution and laws of this state.

            (7) Make and publish an annual report to the governor and the legislature concerning the operations of the department and submit with each report such recommendations as he deems necessary for the more effective internal structure and administration of the department and make other reports and recommendations on his own initiative or upon request by the governor, the legislature, or any committee or member thereof.

            (8) Provide for the ongoing merger and consolidation of the agencies and functions transferred to his department and submit a report thereon to the governor and the legislature, which report shall accompany the budget request which he submits under provisions of R.S. 39:33. Such report shall include a statement of the goals of the department and of the programs thereof and shall summarize the accomplishments of the department in meeting such goals and implementing such programs. The report shall also contain a specific statement of the reorganization and consolidation plan for the department for the next year and shall include a report on the implementation of such reorganization and consolidation plan for the previous year. The report concerning reorganization shall specifically detail the extent to which the department has achieved goals stated the previous year with respect to merger and consolidation of functions, abolition of agencies, consolidation of offices, elimination of job positions, and efficiency and economy in delivery of services. The report shall contain any recommendations with respect to reorganization which may require legislative action under the provisions of this Title. A copy of the report and recommended legislation shall also be submitted by the secretary to the presiding officer of each house of the legislature. The presiding officer shall refer the report to the appropriate committee having jurisdiction of the subject matter as provided in the rules of the respective house.

            (9)(a) On an annual basis, provide all of the following information to the legislature no later than fifteen days prior to the convening of each regular session:

            (i) A full organizational chart for the department which is current as of the date of submission to the legislature and which shows each staff position, whether filled or vacant, that comprises the department.

            (ii) The current salary of the person occupying each filled position shown on the organizational chart.

            (b) The secretary may submit the annual report required by this Paragraph in electronic format and is further authorized, but is not required, to submit the report at the time of submission of the annual report required by Paragraph (7) of this Subsection.

            B. The secretary shall have authority to:

            (1)(a) Except as otherwise specifically provided in R.S. 36:801 and R.S. 36:803:

            (i) Employ, appoint, remove, assign, and promote such personnel as is necessary for the efficient administration of the executive office of the secretary and the performance of its powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities and such other personnel, who are not assigned to an office, as may be necessary for the efficient administration of the department and for the performance of the responsibilities, powers, duties, and functions of agencies transferred to it;

            (ii) Employ, assign, and remove all personnel employed for the department on a contractual basis, and

            (iii) Transfer the personnel of the department as necessary for the efficient administration of the department and its programs.

            (b) All of the above are to be accomplished in accordance with applicable civil service laws, rules, and regulations, and with policies and rules of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and all are subject to budgetary control and applicable laws.

            (2) Appoint, subject to gubernatorial approval, advisory councils, boards, and commissions necessary in the administration of the department, except as otherwise provided by law or by executive order.

            (3) Accept and use, in accordance with law, gifts, grants, bequests, and endowments for purposes consistent with the responsibilities and functions of the department and take such actions as are necessary to comply with any conditions required for such acceptance.

            (4)(a) Enforce the laws of the state and rules and regulations relative to wildlife and fisheries, including but not limited to laws, rules, and regulations relative to illegal hunting, fishing, and trapping, boating safety regulations, and the prohibited methods, times, or seasons, and locations therefor, including the illegal transportation, shipping, and sale of wildlife, fish, and other aquatic life and fur-bearing animals and alligators, and including the illegal possession of wildlife, game, or fish and other aquatic life, and develop and implement litter abatement, enforcement, and awareness programs and toward these ends shall appoint not less than twenty-five wildlife agents, whose entire time, under the direction of the secretary, shall be devoted to the performance of their official duties as prescribed by law. Notwithstanding R.S. 40:5, the secretary shall have authority to enforce the laws specifically assigned by statute to the Louisiana Department of Health and any rules or regulations promulgated thereunder for the purpose of regulating the harvesting, processing, or distribution of molluscan shellfish.

            (b) The secretary may appoint and, at his pleasure, remove as many special or cooperative officers, to be designated as special wildlife agents, and commission as many auxiliary enforcement agents as he deems proper.

            (5) Formulate and promulgate rules of administration for the department relating to employment and management.

            (6) Provide for a program for the dissemination of wildlife and fisheries information and education in the state of Louisiana.

            (7) Do such other things, not inconsistent with law, as are necessary to perform properly the functions vested in him.

            (8) Authorize the printing of those materials, which assist in the promotion of the natural and recreational resources and programs under the control of the department and authorize the printing and distribution of informal publications concerning the organization, powers, duties, functions, or related events of the department on a regular basis in order to facilitate effective and efficient intradepartmental and interdepartmental communications.

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