Senate Daily Digest
March 31, 2020
11:00 AM
Senate Chamber


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Senate Bills on Second Reading to be Referred
 SB425TROY CARTERANIMALS - Provides relative to the disposition of dogs and other animals used in dogfighting. (gov sig)
 SB426BARROWINSURANCE CLAIMS - Requires health insurance coverage for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) diagnostic testing. (gov sig)
 SB427BOUIEMOTOR VEHICLES - Provides for eligibility for military honor license plates for members of the Louisiana National Guard. (8/1/20)
 SB428TALBOTALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - Provides for an exception for certain applicants for employee permits seeking to work in locations permitted by the office of alcohol and tobacco control as a restaurant. (8/1/20)
 SB429JOHNSHEALTH CARE - Requires certain disclosures by healthcare providers. (8/1/20)
 SB430CONNICKPUBLIC LANDS - Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Jefferson Parish. (gov sig)
 SB431LUNEAUELECTED OFFICIALS - Prohibits a statewide elected official from receiving compensation from outside employment while in office. (gov sig)
 SB432LUNEAUHEALTH CARE - Provides relative to specialized behavioral health rehabilitation services in the Louisiana medical assistance program. (8/1/20)
 SB433MIZELLCRIMINAL PROCEDURE - Provides that a mandatory reporter of child abuse has cause to suspect abuse if a child under the age of thirteen is pregnant. (gov sig)
 SB434MIZELLCRIMINAL JUSTICE - Provides for immunity from prosecution and post-conviction relief for victims of human trafficking. (gov sig)

Senate Resolutions 2nd Reading
 SR10FIELDSCOMMENDATIONS - Commends John White for his years of service as Superintendent of Education.
 SR11BODI WHITECONDOLENCES - Expresses condolences upon the death of Clifton Russell "Clif" Richardson, former Justice of the Peace and legislator, community leader, and businessman.
 SR12LAMBERTCOMMENDATIONS - Commends the Honorable James R. "Jim" Fannin for his many years of public service.
 SR13MIZELLSPECIAL DAY/WEEK/MONTH - Designates March 26, 2020, as "Y Day in Louisiana".

Senate Concurrent Resolutions 2nd Reading
 SCR19CORTEZCOMMENDATIONS - Commends the International Association of Drilling Contractors for 80 years of leadership in the oil and gas drilling industry.
 SCR21FIELDSBESE - Provides for legislative approval of the MFP formula for the 2020-2021 Fiscal Year.
 SCR22BARROWBESE - Requests BESE to suspend statewide standardized assessments for the 2019-2020 school year due to COVID-19.
 SCR23FIELDSEDUCATION ACCOUNTABILITY - Suspends certain laws relative to school closures due to COVID-19.
 SCR24PEACOCKCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Shirley Wills on her many years of exemplary civic activism as a community leader and member of the Caddo Parish Police Jury, and congratulates her on the occasion of her 75th birthday.
 SCR25FOILCHILDREN - Reconstitutes and extends the deadlines of the Task Force on Protecting Children from Exposure to Pornography.

House Bills on Second Reading to be Referred
 HB98MAGEECIVIL/PROCEDURE - Provides relative to the signing of civil pleadings
 HB124GREGORY MILLERTRUSTS - Provides for continuous revisions to the Trust Code
 HB126GREGORY MILLERPROPERTY/RIGHTS - Provides for ownership in bond for deed contracts for purposes of homestead exemptions
 HB227COUSSANMINERALS - Provides relative to the nature of production payments
 HB499SEABAUGHSUCCESSIONS - Provides relative to the procedure for independent administration of successions

House Concurrent Resolutions 2nd Reading
 HCR16SCHEXNAYDERCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Madame Chief Justice Bernette Joshua Johnson of the Louisiana Supreme Court on her retirement
 HCR18BUTLERCOMMENDATIONS - Commends the efforts of Melville Woman's Club to preserve the historic St. Nathaniel Episcopal Church in Melville, Louisiana
 HCR19HORTONSPECIAL DAY/WEEK/MONTH - Recognizes March 26, 2020, as Y Day in Louisiana

Senate Bills 3rd Reading and Final Passage
 SB35HENSGENSMUNICIPALITIES - Authorizes the governing authority of the city of Scott to levy an additional one cent sales tax, subject to voter approval. (gov sig)
 SB42BODI WHITESTATE DEPARTMENT - Provides that domicile of the Department of State is in East Baton Rouge Parish. (gov sig)
 SB53MCMATHFEES/LICENSES/PERMITS - Provides for therapeutic group homes licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health. (gov sig)
 SB54FOILCORPORATIONS - Provides relative to articles of incorporation and qualifications of registered agents of certain corporations. (gov sig)
 SB55FOILSECRETARY OF STATE - Removes requirement for telephone numbers in an application for registration of certain contract providers filed with the secretary of state. (gov sig)
 SB67FRED MILLSHEALTH CARE - Provides for the repeal of certain inactive or obsolete laws. (8/1/20)
 SB69BOUDREAUXSECRETARY OF STATE - Authorizes the secretary of state to refer matters involving the damaging, altering, tampering, or of falsifying records to certain agencies for investigation. (gov sig)
 SB84FIELDSEDUCATION DEPARTMENT - Provides relative to legislative approval of Education Excellence Fund expenditure plans. (gov sig)
 SB105PEACOCKLEGIS POWERS/FUNCTIONS - Designates the Gulf Fritillary as the official state butterfly. (8/1/20)
 SB140REESEINTERNET - Requires certain offices to report cyber incidents to secretary of state. (8/1/20)
 SB168FRED MILLSWATER QUALITY - Creates and provides for the Community Drinking Water Infrastructure Sustainability Act. (8/1/20) (OR SEE FISC NOTE LF RV)
 SB198PEACOCKSPECIAL DAY/WEEK/MONTH - Designates the month of September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. (8/1/20)
 SB254TROY CARTERLOCAL AGENCIES - Provides for expansion of working conditions afforded to fire service employees employed by nonprofit corporations under contract with a fire protection district, municipality, or other political subdivision. (gov sig)
 SB258TROY CARTERLAW ENFORCEMENT - Provides relative to minimum requirements for annual vacation and sick leave for the employees of the city of Westwego Police Department. (2/3 - CA10s18) (gov sig)
 SB268JOHNSBANKS/BANKING - Provides relative to abandonment of safety deposit boxes. (8/1/20)
 SB312FESIEDUCATION DEPARTMENT - Provides relative to environmental education and litter reduction section of the State Department of Education. (gov sig)
 SB313PETERSONLOCAL AGENCIES - Provides relative to exemptions related to the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board. (gov sig)
 SB390PETERSONLOCAL AGENCIES - Provides relative to the public water system, the public sewerage system, and the public drainage system of the city of New Orleans. (gov sig)