Senate Committee on Revenue and Fiscal Affairs
May 29, 2013
10:00 am
John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room

* Agenda Revised May 28, 2013, 1:23 pm *
Revision Notes: Changed time to 10:00 am


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 HB151COXTAX CREDITS - Extends the sunset of tax credits for certain heritage-based cottage industries located within the Cane River Heritage Area (EN DECREASE GF RV See Note)
 HB162PEARSONTAX/AD VALOREM TAX - (Constitutional Amendment) Provides with respect to maximum authorized millage rates and provisions authorizing increases in certain millage rates without voter approval (RR SEE FISC NOTE LF RV See Note)
 HB166ANDERSTAX/SEVERANCE TAX - Provides relative to determining the market value of trees, timber, and pulpwood for purposes of levying the severance taxes (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 HB182ANDERSTAX/SALES & USE - Provides relative to the promulgation of guidelines for determining the definition of "sale at retail" for purposes of the exemption from the sales and use tax for certain agricultural commodities utilized in preparing crops or animals for market (EN NO IMPACT GF RV See Note)
 HB193GISCLAIRTAX CREDITS - Provides relative to certain port and harbor activities for purposes of qualifying for the ports of La. tax credit (EG1 DECREASE GF RV See Note)
 HB316JACKSONTAX/TAXATION - Requires state agencies which administer tax credits and rebates to report certain information (EN NO IMPACT GF EX See Note)
 HB325ST.GERMAINTAX/LOCAL - Authorizes the imposition of an additional sales and use tax by the governing authority of Iberville Parish (EN +$10,450,000 LF RV See Note)
 HB358ABRAMSONTAX CREDITS - Removes the Jan. 1, 2015, sunset date for issuance of sound recording investor tax credits and provides a threshold for Louisiana residents (EN DECREASE GF RV See Note)
 HB377LEGERTAX CREDITS - Establishes a registry for tax credits and provides relative to the period of time to report claims or a transfer to the registry (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB430LEGERSECRETARY OF STATE - Increases certain fees chargeable by the secretary of state (EN +$2,835,435 SG RV See Note)
 HB456ROBIDEAUXREVENUE DEPARTMENT - Establishes the Louisiana Tax Delinquency Amnesty Act of 2013 (EN INCREASE SD RV See Note)
 HB483N.LANDRYTAX CREDITS - Extends authority to grant tax credits for certain state-certified musical or theatrical facility infrastructure projects (EN DECREASE GF RV See Note)
 HB516LEGERCONVENTION FACILITIES - Provides with respect to the Ernest N. Morial-New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority (EN SEE FISC NOTE LF EX See Note)
 HB571ROBIDEAUXTAX/TAX REBATES - Changes eligibility requirements for Enterprise Zone benefits (EN INCREASE GF RV See Note)
 HB653ROBIDEAUXTAX/SALES & USE - To provide for the payment of a vendor's compensation for the state sales and use tax collection and to dedicate certain state sales tax revenues (EN +$4,300,000 GF RV See Note)
 HB671FOILSTUDENT/TUITION - Authorizes each public postsecondary education management board to impose additional tuition and fees for certain programs and purposes (EN INCREASE SG RV See Note)
 HB696MONTOUCETTAX/INCOME TAX - Reduces the amount of certain tax credits beginning January 1, 2014, for income tax credits and January 1, 2015, for corporate franchise credits (RE INCREASE GF RV See Note)
 HB698THOMPSONTAX CREDITS - Provides relative to the School Readiness Tax Credits (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF RV See Note)
 HB726LEGERTAX CREDITS - Establishes the New Markets Jobs Tax Credit (EN -$24,750,000 GF RV See Note)

 To consider for approval rules proposed by the Department of Economic Development for the administration of the newly created Competitive Projects Tax Exemption Program (LAC 13:I. Chapter 47) as required by R.S. 47:4352, and conducted pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act.