Senate Committee on Transportation, Highways and Public Works
April 26, 2018
Upon Adjournment
Room E

* Agenda Revised April 26, 2018, 2:30 pm *
Revision Notes: ADDED HB 319


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 SR112W.BISHOPPUBLIC SFTY/CORRECT DEPT - Requests the office of motor vehicles to continue to improve its efficiency in delivering services to the citizens of Louisiana.
 SB281PRICEMOTOR CARRIERS - Provides for definition of "motor carrier" in motor carrier transportation contracts. (8/1/18)
 SB549HEWITTMOTOR VEHICLES - Provides for military surplus motor vehicles. (8/1/18)
 SB557W.BISHOPLOCAL AGENCIES - Authorizes levee districts to provide extra compensation to certain levee district police officers. (8/1/18)
 HB52MARCELLEMTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES - Creates the "Capitol High School" special prestige license plate
 HB60COXHIGHWAYS - Designates a portion of Louisiana Highway 175 as the "SSG Richard Lee Vazquez Memorial Highway" (EN +$1,100 SD EX See Note)
 HB63SCHEXNAYDERHIGHWAYS - Designates a portion of United States Highway 61 as the "Deputy Brandon Nielsen and Deputy Jeremy Triche Memorial Highway"
 HB64THIBAUTHIGHWAYS - Designates portions of certain Louisiana Highways
 HB127MACKTRAFFIC/VIOLATIONS - Repeals the prohibition on issuing warning citations for violations of motor vehicle laws
 HB177ZERINGUELEVEES - Extends the termination date of certain provisions authorizing a public entity to rehabilitate a levee not maintained with federal funds without public bids
 HB231TERRY BROWNHIGHWAYS - Provides an exemption for highways designated in honor of military personnel, law enforcement officers, and firefighters killed in the line of duty
 HB208FALCONERPUBLIC CONTRACTS - Revises provisions relative to the construction management at risk project delivery method for certain public contracts
 HB303GISCLAIRMTR VEHICLE/DRIVER LIC - Modifies requirements for obtaining a commercial driver's license when an applicant is employed in a specific military position
 HB308HAVARDMOTOR VEHICLES - Provides relative to vehicle platooning
 HB319DAVISMTR VEHICLE/TRUCKS - Creates annual permits for ready-mix concrete trucks
 HB441STOKESMTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES - Creates the "Military Order of the Purple Heart First Responder Program" special prestige license plate
 HB450JAMESMTR VEHICLE/DRIVER LIC - Provides relative to the possession of driver's licenses and special identification cards (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB496HAZELMTR VEHICLE/DRIVER LIC - Provides for a voluntary fee on driver's license applications to benefit the Military Family Assistance Fund (EN INCREASE SD RV See Note)
 HB508SAM JONESPORTS/MORGAN CITY - Revises the process for appointments to the Morgan City Harbor and Terminal District
 HB573ZERINGUECOASTAL RES/COASTAL ZONE - Allows political subdivisions to perform integrated coastal projects through outcome-based contracting
 HB648LEGERPORTS/HARBORS/TERMINALS - Provides relative to procurement of port-related specialized cranes and replacement parts
 HB678TALBOTHIGHWAYS - Designates a roadway as the "Francis E. 'Hank' Lauricella Memorial Road"
 HB764BOUIETRANSPORTATION DEPT - Provides relative to the issuance of an ex-offender provisional license
 HB767GISCLAIRWEIGHTS/MEASURES - Extends the authorization for ready-mixed concrete trucks to exceed the maximum permissible gross vehicle weight, under certain circumstances, until 2020
 HB777FALCONERMTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES - Provides for the "Seymore D'Fair Foundation One Hundred Percent Me Drug Free" specialty license plate
 HB794HALLTRANSPORTATION DEPT - Provides relative to excess immovable property not purchased at public or private sale
 HB798WRIGHTMTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES - Creates the "Covington High School" specialty license plate
 HB804THIBAUTPORTS/HARBORS/TERMINALS - Provides relative to leases and subleases of land and buildings owned by a port, harbor, or terminal district
 HB819BERTHELOTPUBLIC CONTRACTS - Authorizes additional methods for submission of certain public contracts
 HB832GISCLAIRMOTOR VEHICLES - Provides relative to requirements for escort vehicles
 HB890HUNTERMTR VEHICLE/DRIVER LIC - Provides for an extension of time for which to appeal the denial of a hardship license or a suspension, cancellation, or revocation of a driver's license