Ad Hoc Dedicated Fund Review Subcommittee of Joint Budget
December 15, 2017
10:00 am
Room 6


  BLUE = already considered.   RED = currently being considered.   BLACK = not yet considered.
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 Review and approval of the following dedicated funds:
 Executive Department - Office of Indian Affairs
 Avoyelles Parish Local Government Gaming Mitigation Fund
 Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District
 New Orleans Sports Franchise Assistance Fund
 Sports Facility Assistance Fund
 Multiple Agencies:
 Mental Health Advocacy Services, Louisiana Public Defender Board
 Indigent Parent Representation Program Fund
 Louisiana Public Defender Board
 DNA Testing Post-Conviction Relief for Indigents Fund
 Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement
 Crime Victims Reparations Fund
 Innocence Compensation Fund
 Multiple Agencies:
 Office of Elderly Affairs, Aid to Locals
 New Orleans Urban Tourism and Hospitality Training in Economic Development Foundation Fund
 Louisiana Racing Commission
 Video Draw Poker Device Purse Supplement Fund
 Multiple Agencies:
 Louisiana Racing Commission, Office of the Attorney General, District Attorneys, Department of Public Safety, Southern University System
 Pari-mutuel Live Racing Facility Gaming Control Fund
 Office of the Attorney General
 Department of Justice Legal Support Fund
 Tobacco Settlement Enforcement Fund
 Multiple Agencies:
 Office of the Attorney General, Department of Public Safety, Department of Corrections
 Sex Offender Registry Technology Fund
 Department of Public Safety
 Motorcycle Safety, Awareness, and Operator Training Program Fund
 New Orleans Public Safety Fund
 Pet Overpopulation Fund
 Multiple Agencies:
 Department of Public Safety, Office of the Attorney General
 Riverboat Gaming Enforcement Fund
 Multiple Agencies:
 Department of Public Safety, Office of the Attorney General, Department of Insurance
 Insurance Fraud Investigation Fund
 State Treasury
 Crescent City Amnesty Refund Fund
 Debt Service Assistance Fund
 Fiscal Administrator Revolving Loan Fund
 Incentive Fund
 Payments Towards the UAL Fund
 Department of Insurance
 Administrative Fund of the Department of Insurance
 Automobile Theft and Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority Fund