2014 Regular Session

SB532   by Senator Elbert L. Guillory

COURTS:  Provides for the creation of the Veterans Court Program. (8/1/14) (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)

Current Status (as of 9/20/2021 12:13 pm):  Signed by the Governor - Act 716

Date Chamber Journal
06/18 S    Effective date 8/1/2014.
06/18 S    Signed by the Governor. Becomes Act No. 716.
06/01 S 88   Sent to the Governor by the Secretary of the Senate.
05/30 H 108   Signed by the Speaker of the House.
05/30 S 50   Enrolled. Signed by the President of the Senate.
05/29 S 33   Amendments proposed by the House read and concurred in by a vote of 37 yeas and 0 nays.
05/28 S 42   Received from the House with amendments.
05/28 H 57   Read third time by title, roll called on final passage, yeas 90, nays 0. Finally passed, ordered to the Senate.
05/22 H    Scheduled for floor debate on 05/28/2014.
05/19 H 10   Read by title, amended, passed to 3rd reading.
05/15 H 39   Reported with Legislative Bureau amendments.
05/14 H 39   Reported with amendments (8-0). Referred to the Legislative Bureau.
05/05 H 17   Read by title, recommitted to the Committee on House and Governmental Affairs.
04/30 H 37   Reported favorably (12-0). To be recommitted to the Committee on House and Governmental Affairs.
04/09 H 6   Read by title, under the rules, referred to the Committee on Judiciary.
04/08 H 3   Received in the House from the Senate, read by title, lies over under the rules.
04/07 S 20   Senate floor amendments read and adopted. Read by title and passed by a vote of 38 yeas and 0 nays; ordered reengrossed and sent to the House. Motion to reconsider tabled.
04/03 S 9   Read by title. Committee amendments read and adopted. Ordered engrossed and passed to third reading and final passage.
04/02 S 16   Reported with amendments.
03/10 S 50   Introduced in the Senate; read by title. Rules suspended. Read second time and referred to the Committee on Health and Welfare.
02/28 S    Prefiled and under the rules provisionally referred to the Committee on Health and Welfare.

Elbert L. Guillory
Robert Adley
John Alario
Conrad Appel
Sharon Weston Broome
Troy E. Brown
Sherri Smith Buffington
Dan Claitor
Patrick Page Cortez
A.G. Crowe
Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb
Dale Erdey
Ronnie Johns
Gerald Long
Danny Martiny
Fred H. Mills, Jr.
J.P. Morrell
Dan W. Morrish
Edwin R. Murray
Ben Nevers
Barrow Peacock
Jonathan Perry
Neil Riser
Gary L. Smith, Jr.
John R. Smith
Gregory Tarver
Francis C. Thompson
Mike Walsworth
Rick Ward, III
Mack Bodi White, Jr.
Bryan Adams
James Armes
Jeffery "Jeff" J. Arnold
Austin Badon, Jr.
Regina Ashford Barrow
John A. Johnny Berthelot
Chris Broadwater
Terry Brown
Henry Burns
Roy Burrell
Patrick Connick
Herbert B. Dixon
Gordon Dove
John Bel Edwards
Franklin J. Foil
Randal L. Gaines
Ray Garofalo
Brett Geymann
Jerry "Truck" Gisclair
Joe Harrison
Chris Hazel
Cameron Henry
Valarie Hodges
Frank Hoffmann
Marcus Hunter
Barry Ivey
Edward Ted James
Patrick O. Jefferson
Robert Johnson
Terry Landry
H. Bernard LeBas
Chris Leopold
Nick Lorusso
Sherman Q. Mack
Gregory A. Miller
Jack Montoucet
Jay Morris
Steven E. Pylant
Harold Ritchie
Clay Schexnayder
Rob Shadoin
Kirk Talbot
Ledricka Thierry
Jeff Thompson
Patrick Williams
Tom Willmott
Ebony Woodruff

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