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2017 Regular Session

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Instrument  AuthorCurrent StatusConsidered
HB67 NORTON Pending House Administration of Criminal Justice more...
WEAPONS/FIREARMS:  Creates the crime of unlawfully supplying a child with an Uzi submachine gun (OR SEE FISC NOTE LF RV)
HB281 NORTON Pending House Health and Welfare more...
MENTAL HEALTH:  Requires the Louisiana Department of Health to implement the Medicaid health home option for persons with serious mental illness
HB282 NORTON Pending House Labor and Industrial Relations more...
EMPLOYMENT:  Provides for equal pay for women
HB496 NORTON Pending House Transportation, Highways, and Public Works Sched. for 5/1/17 more...
MTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES:  Provides with respect to special license plates for firefighters with twenty years of service
HB497 NORTON Pending House final passage Sched. for 5/3/17 more...
STUDENT/DISCIPLINE:  Prohibits corporal punishment in public elementary and secondary schools
HCR1 NORTON Pending Senate Transportation, Highways, and Public Works more...
AIRCRAFT/AIRPORTS:  Memorializes the United States Congress to develop, implement, and enforce policies and procedures that will enhance airport safety
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