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2020 Regular Session

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Instrument  AuthorCurrent StatusConsidered
SB2 FRED MILLS Pending Senate Retirement more...
TEACHERS RETIREMENT:  Provides for optional membership for persons first hired at a certain age, with additional restrictions. (7/1/20)
SB58 FRED MILLS Pending Senate Education more...
CHILDREN:  Provides relative to early learning center licensing. (8/1/20)
SB59 FRED MILLS Pending Senate Insurance more...
PHARMACEUTICALS:  Provides relative to coverage of step therapy or fail first protocols. (8/1/20)
SB60 FRED MILLS Pending Senate Insurance more...
HEALTH/ACC INSURANCE:  Authorizes modification of drug coverage for a drug costing over $300 per prescription or refill with an increase of at least 25% in the prior 365 days under certain circumstances if 30-day notice is given. (8/1/20)
SB61 FRED MILLS Pending Senate Insurance more...
COMMERCIAL REGULATIONS:  Provides for unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the insurance business against certain pharmacies and pharmacists who are licensed and physically located in the state. (8/1/20)
SB62 FRED MILLS Pending Senate Insurance more...
PHARMACEUTICALS:  Provides relative to the maximum cost of prescription insulin drugs. (8/1/20)
SB63 FRED MILLS Pending Senate Finance more...
HEALTH SERVICES:  Provides relative to contracts for fiscal intermediary services. (8/1/20)
SB67 FRED MILLS Pending Senate Health and Welfare more...
HEALTH CARE:  Provides for the repeal of certain inactive or obsolete laws. (8/1/20)
SB68 FRED MILLS Pending Senate and Governmental Affairs more...
ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE:  Provides relative to the promulgation of emergency rules in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act. (8/1/20)
SB87 FRED MILLS Pending Senate Judiciary B more...
ELDERLY:  Requires reports of elderly exploitation or extortion to be reported to local law enforcement agencies. (8/1/20)
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