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2017 Regular Session

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Instrument  AuthorCurrent StatusConsidered
HB1 HENRY Pending Senate Finance Sched. for 5/24/17 more...
APPROPRIATIONS:  Provides for the ordinary operating expenses of state government for Fiscal Year 2017-2018
HB64 HENRY Pending Senate Finance more...
APPROPRIATIONS/ANCILLARY:  Provides for the ancillary expenses of state government
HB330 HENRY Pending House Education more...
SCHOOLS/FINANCE-MFP:  (Constitutional Amendment) Permits legislative amendment of the MFP formula to change the base cost per pupil
HB346 HENRY Pending House Appropriations more...
TAX/GASOLINE TAX:  (Constitutional Amendment) Prohibits Transportation Trust Fund monies from being used by state police for traffic control purposes and limits annual appropriations to other transportation programs (OR SEE FISC NOTE SD EX)
HB403 HENRY Pending Senate Finance more...
FUNDS/FUNDING:  Provides for the transfer, deposit, and use of monies among state funds
HB620 HENRY Pending Senate Finance more...
APPROPRIATIONS:  Appropriates funds for the expenses of the judiciary for Fiscal Year 2017-2018
HB624 HENRY Pending Senate Finance more...
REVENUE SHARING:  Provides for revenue sharing distribution for Fiscal Year 2017-2018
HB625 HENRY Pending Senate Finance more...
APPROPRIATIONS/SUPPLEML:  Makes supplemental appropriations for Fiscal Year 2016-2017
HR74 HENRY Pending House final passage more...
HOUSE/RULES:  Requires legislative instruments with a fiscal cost of one hundred thousand dollars or more to be recommitted to the House Committee on Appropriations
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