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2019 Regular Session

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Instrument  AuthorCurrent StatusConsidered
SB6 HENSGENS Pending Senate Finance Considered 4/29/19 more...
TAX/TAXATION:  Provides for a tax deduction for certain expenses incurred by teachers. (gov sig) (EG DECREASE GF RV See Note)
SB7 HENSGENS Signed by the Governor - Act 174 more...
PHARMACEUTICALS:  Provides for the repeal of Medicaid prepaid coordinated care network pharmaceutical and therapeutics committees. (gov sig)
SB18 HENSGENS Signed by the Governor - Act 175 more...
PARISHES:  Authorizes the governing authority of Acadia Parish to elect a secretary-treasurer. (8/1/19)
SB90 HENSGENS Pending Senate Health and Welfare more...
HEALTH CARE:  Provides relative to licensing of adult residential care providers. (8/1/19)
SB113 HENSGENS Pending Senate Health and Welfare Considered 5/8/19 more...
MEDICAID:  Provides relative to the state medical assistance program. (8/1/19)
SB116 HENSGENS Signed by the Governor - Act 439 more...
COMMERCIAL REGULATIONS:  Provides for the transfer of certain deposits and safe deposit box contents to the unclaimed property division of the Department of the Treasury. (7/1/19) (EN SEE FISC NOTE SG EX See Note)
SB141 HENSGENS Pending Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs more...
TAX/TAXATION:  Provides tax collection due process an pre-distraint hearing procedure. (8/1/19)
SB142 HENSGENS Signed by the Governor - Act 189 more...
TAX/LOCAL:  Authorizes the governing authority for the city of Abbeville to submit a sales tax proposition to its electors to fund salary raises for its full-time employees. (gov sig)
SR54 HENSGENS Sent to the Secretary of State more...
COMMENDATIONS:  Commends Joe Cormier III, on his 2019 induction into the International Babe Ruth Hall of Fame and for his many achievements in youth baseball.
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