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2019 Regular Session

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Instrument  AuthorCurrent StatusConsidered
HB207 AMEDEE Pending House Health and Welfare Considered 5/7/19 more...
HEALTH SERVICES:  Requires the provision of certain information to patients or parents of patients prior to administration of an immunization or a vaccine (OR INCREASE GF EX See Note)
HB235 AMEDEE Pending Senate Judiciary B Considered 5/31/19 more...
CRIME:  Provides relative to justifiable use of force or violence in defense at a place of worship
HB270 AMEDEE Involuntarily deferred in House Administration of Criminal Justice Considered 5/14/19 more...
CRIME:  Requires proof of private ownership of immovable property when criminal trespass is upon a river, stream, lake, or other waterway
HB405 AMEDEE Failed House final passage more...
BOARDS/COMMISSIONS:  Provides relative to the deregulation of professional wrestling (EG -$64,000 SG RV See Note)
HB445 AMEDEE Pending House Civil Law and Procedure more...
ATTORNEYS:  Provides relative to attorney advertising
HR24 AMEDEE Sent to the Secretary of State more...
COMMENDATIONS:  Commends Jonathan Bergeron upon his many accomplishments as a student
HR73 AMEDEE Sent to the Secretary of State more...
SPECIAL DAY/WEEK/MONTH:  Designates May 2019 as Foster Care Month in Louisiana
HR225 AMEDEE Sent to the Secretary of State more...
COMMENDATIONS:  Commends Vice President Mike Pence for his visit to African American churches in St. Landry Parish destroyed by arson
HR285 AMEDEE Sent to the Secretary of State more...
INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS:  Requests that the president and congress urge discriminatory countries to cease religious persecution and the heads of governments of all countries to uphold the right to religious freedom
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