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2019 Regular Session

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Instrument  AuthorCurrent StatusConsidered
SB107 GATTI Pending Senate Labor and Industrial Relations more...
PUBLIC EMPLOYEES:  Adds post traumatic stress disorder to the list of injuries which are compensable for injured public employees. (8/1/19)
SB138 GATTI Pending Senate final passage Sched. for 4/23/19 more...
CRIME/PUNISHMENT:  Provides relative to the definition of "serious bodily injury". (gov sig)
SB139 GATTI Pending Senate Labor and Industrial Relations more...
EMPLOYMENT:  Prohibits workplace bullying and harassment. (8/1/19)
SB195 GATTI Pending Senate Local and Municipal Affairs more...
LOCAL AGENCIES:  Provides relative to promotional seniority in the Bossier City Police Department. (gov sig)
SB206 GATTI Pending Senate Transportation, Highways, and Public Works more...
FEES/LICENSES/PERMITS:  Provides relative to seizure of driver's license under certain circumstances. (8/1/19)
SB207 GATTI Pending Senate Judiciary C more...
CRIME/PUNISHMENT:  Provides felony criminal penalties for violating any law governing the expenditure of funds in the Transportation Trust Fund. (gov sig)
SR37 GATTI Pending Senate Judiciary A Sched. for 4/23/19 more...
LEGISLATIVE AGENCIES:  Requests Louisiana State Law Institute to study the feasibility of authorizing "series" limited liability companies in Louisiana.
SR38 GATTI Passed the Senate more...
CONDOLENCES:  Expresses condolences upon the death of Ralph D. Balentine.
SR55 GATTI Pending Senate referral Sched. for 4/23/19 more...
COMMENDATIONS:  Commends Carroll Breaux, mayor of the city of Springhill, for 28 years of dedicated public service on the occasion of his retirement.
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