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2020 Second Extraordinary Session

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Instrument  AuthorCurrent StatusConsidered
HB34 LANDRY Involuntarily deferred in Labor and Industrial Relations Considered 10/15/20 more...
UNEMPLOYMENT COMP:  Provides for an increase in the administrative penalties assessed for the misclassification of employees (Item #24) (OR INCREASE SD RV See Note)
HB92 LANDRY Pending House Appropriations Considered 10/13/20 more...
FUNDS/FUNDING:  Provides relative to compensation for certain child care workers (Item #16) (OR -$25,000,000 GF RV See Note)
HCR6 LANDRY Subject to call - House final passage more...
LEGISLATIVE BUDG CONTROL:  Directs the Legislative Budgetary Control Council to review the compensation of legislative assistants and to establish a salary schedule for legislative assistants that is competitive with the marketplace (EG SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
HCR30 LANDRY Sent to the Secretary of State more...
CONGRESS:  Memorializes congress to take such actions as are necessary to pass a stimulus plan that includes funds for unemployment, housing, local government, struggling businesses, education, and health care
HCSR2 LANDRY Study Request sent to Senate more...
LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS:  Requests the Committee on House and Governmental Affairs and the Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs to study the compensation allocated to each member for legislative assistants and make recommendations relative thereto
HSR1 LANDRY Approved by House more...
PUBLIC BUILDINGS/ST CAPL:  Requests the House Committee on House and Governmental Affairs to study the feasibility and practicality of providing office space for state representatives at the state capitol
HSR2 LANDRY Approved by House more...
HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES:  Requests the Committee on House and Governmental Affairs to study issues surrounding providing paid family leave to employees of the House of Representatives
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