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Children's Cabinet

c/o Melanie M. Washington, Ed.D.
P. O. Box 94095
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095

(225) 219-7560

R.S. 46:2602

MemberAddressSeat Information
Vacant Ex-O; Dpty Sec for Youth Serv
Barrow, Regina Ashford (Sen.)4811 Harding Blvd., Ste. G
Baton Rouge, LA 70811
Appt by Sen Pres; Mem of Senate
Brumley, Preston "Cade", Ed. D.Department of Education
1201 N. 3rd St., 5th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Ex-O; State Superintendent of Ed
Carpenter, Barbara W. (Rep.)1975 Harding Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70807
Appt by House Speaker; Mem of the House
Cates, Ava Dejoie1001 N. 23rd. St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Ex-O; Exe Dir of LA Workforce Comm
Cook-Calvin, Desiree9012 Olive St.
New Orleans, LA 70118-2446
Appt by Chief Just; LA Council of Juvenile&Family Court Judges
Dardenne, John L. "Jay" Jr.P. O. Box 94095
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095
Ex-O; Commissioner of Admin
Davis, Belinda C., Ph.D.LA Department of Education
P. O. Box 94064
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9064
Appt by BESE Pres; Mem of BESE
Nelson, Susan E.PFD Consulting
13609 Landmark Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Rep of Children's Cabinent Adv. Brd.
Phillips, Courtney N., Ph.D.Department of Health and Hospitals
P. O. Box 629
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0629
Ex-O; Secretary, DHH
Pierson, Donald M. Jr.Department of Economic Development
P. O. Box 94185
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
Ex-O; Sec, Dept of Econ Dev
Walters, Marketa GarnerDepartment of Children and Family Services
P. O. Box 3776
Baton Rouge, LA 70821
Ex-O;Sec of Children & Family Serv
Washington, Melanie M., Ed.D.Office of the Gov/Office of Community Programs
P. O. Box 94094
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9094
Appt by Gov; Exec Director, Chair

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