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House Committee Meetings - Weekly Schedules
Ways and MeansThu 12/13 1:30 p.m.Room 6    Scheduled

Joint Committee Meetings
Dedicated Fund Review Subcommittee of Joint BudgetWed 12/12 9:30 A.M.Room A-B    Scheduled
Sales Tax Streamlining and Modernization CommissionWed 12/12 10:00 amRoom 6    Cancelled
State Bond CommissionThu 12/13 10:00 amRoom A-B    Scheduled
Legislative Audit Advisory CouncilThu 12/13 11:00 amRoom E    Scheduled
Joint Legislative Committee on the BudgetThu 12/13 1:30 pmRoom 5    Scheduled
Louisiana Bullying Awareness and Treatment Task ForceThu 12/13 2:00 pmRoom 1    Scheduled
Louisiana Transportation AuthorityThu 12/13 2:30 pmRoom F    Scheduled
Cash Management Review BoardThu 12/13 Upon Adjournment of Joint BudgetRoom 5    Scheduled
State Board of Commerce and IndustryFri 12/14 9:00 amRoom 5    Scheduled
Task Force on Human Degradation & Exploitation of Vulnerable Individuals in Community-Based SettingsFri 12/14 10:00 amRoom E    Scheduled
Judicial Compensation CommissionMon 12/17 2:00 pmFirst Circuit Court of Appeal    Scheduled

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