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Constitutional Amendments
and Joint Resolutions
Vetoed Bills
Constitutional Amendments / Joint Resolutions
of the 2023 Regular Session

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Instrument  Author         Status         Considered
HB46 HUGHES Pending House Ways and Means more...
    TAX EXEMPTIONS/NONPROFIT:  (Constitutional Amendment) Restricts eligibility of nonprofit organizations for property tax exemptions for residential property found to endanger public health or safety
HB47 NELSON Pending House Appropriations more...
    APPROPRIATIONS:  (Constitutional Amendment) To require the legislature to appropriate no less than twenty-five percent of nonrecurring state revenues for application to certain state retirement system unfunded accrued liability
HB97 BAGLEY Pending House Appropriations more...
    SUPPLEMENTAL PAY:  (Constitutional Amendment) Requires state supplemental pay for public emergency medical services practitioners
HB99 ORGERON Pending House Appropriations more...
    COASTAL RESOURCES:  (Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to the disposition of funds derived from alternative energy production in the coastal area
HB152 AMEDEE Pending House Civil Law and Procedure more...
    FAMILY LAW:  (Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to fundamental parental rights
HB153 DEVILLIER Pending House Ways and Means more...
    TAX/AD VALOREM-EXEMPTION:  (Constitutional Amendment) Phases-in, over a four year period, a property tax exemption for items constituting business inventory
HB165 LANDRY Pending House and Governmental Affairs more...
    ELECTIONS/INITIATIVE-REF:  (Constitutional Amendment) Provides for an initiative and referendum process
SB2 ALLAIN Pending Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs more...
    TAX EXEMPTIONS:  Constitutional amendment to phase out the tax on inventory and establish the maximum allowable exemption for the industrial property tax exemption program. (2/3 - CA13s1(A))
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