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      CHC 508     


Art. 508.  Multidisciplinary investigative team; scope of responsibility

A.  Not later than February 15, 2004, a multidisciplinary investigative team shall be established for the investigation of child abuse within each judicial district.

B.  The team shall be responsible for the investigation of all child sexual abuse cases, abuse and neglect cases involving allegations of the commission of a felony-grade crime against a child, and any other case involving trauma to a child, in accordance with their agency scope of services, which is referred to the team by any member and accepted by the team for investigation in compliance with the interagency protocols developed and instituted in accordance with Articles 509 and 510 of this Part.

C.  Each team shall develop and institute interagency protocols in accordance with Articles 509 and 510 of this Part.

Acts 2003, No. 749, §1.

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