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      RS 18:1300.33     


§1300.33.  Appropriate local governing authority to order election

A.  If the required number of qualified electors within the subdivision or subdivisions proposing the creation of a district and the levy of a parcel fee sign the petition, the appropriate local governing authority may adopt a resolution ordering an election within such area for the purpose of creating the district and approving the levy of the parcel fee in the manner provided for in Chapter 6-A of this Title.  Such election shall occur only in a congressional general election or gubernatorial primary election; however, in a parish containing a municipality with a population of three hundred thousand or more, such election shall occur only in a gubernatorial primary election.

B.  At least thirty days prior to such election, the local governing authority calling the election shall mail notification of the upcoming election to each registered voter in the proposed district and each owner of a parcel in the proposed district if the owner is not a registered voter.  No other election shall be required except as provided by this Section.

Acts 2008, No. 930, §1, eff. July 15, 2008; Acts 2013, No. 318, §1.

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