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      CHC 782     


Art. 782. Judgment of disposition

            A. The court shall enter into the record a written judgment of disposition specifying the following:

            (1) The nature of the disposition, including the responsibilities of the child, his caretakers, and public providers in securing or providing needed, particularized services for the family members.

            (2) The maximum duration of the disposition.

            (3) The agency, institution, or person to whom the child is assigned.

            (4) How the needed services are to be paid for.

            (5) Any other applicable terms and conditions regarding the disposition.

            (6) A warning in substantially the following form: "If you do not obey each and every condition and rule of this order, you may be placed in a juvenile shelter or detention facility."

            (7) The nature of Families in Need of Services proceedings in accordance with Article 792 and the confidentiality of Families in Need of Services records in accordance with Article 793.

            B. If the child is to remain within his family's home, the order shall also reflect the name of the representative of any institution or agency required to provide services who is to be held personally responsible for their provision.

            C. An extract of minutes of court specifying the information in Paragraph A of this Article and signed by the court shall be considered a written judgment of disposition.

            D. The date of entry of the judgment of disposition shall be recorded on the judgment.

            E. A copy of the judgment shall be furnished to all parties.

            Acts 1991, No. 235, §7; Acts 1995, No. 1095, §3; Acts 2017, No. 362, §1.

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