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      CHC 920     


Art. 920. Order of expungement and sealing; court records

            A. An order for the expungement and sealing of juvenile court records and reports shall be in the form provided in Article 925 and, except as otherwise provided by law, shall require that the clerk of court expunge and seal all records and reports relating to the conduct or conditions referred to in the motion for expungement and sealing, including pleadings, exhibits, reports, minute entries, correspondence, and all other documents.

            B. References, documents, recordings, or other materials shall be expunged and sealed. Under no circumstances may any expunged and sealed information be released.

            C. The court may maintain a confidential record, such as a minute entry, of the fact of an adjudication. This information may be released only upon written motion of a court exercising criminal jurisdiction over the person whose record is sought and then only for the purposes authorized by the Code of Criminal Procedure.

            Acts 1997, No. 1127, §1, eff. July 14, 1997; Acts 2017, No. 362, §1.

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