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      RS 9:2800.22     


§2800.22.  Limitation of liability for use of school facilities

A.  The governing authority of an elementary or secondary school or charter school who enters into a recreational joint-use agreement for use of its facility owes no duty of care to keep such premises safe for entry or use by others, pursuant to a joint-use agreement, outside of regularly scheduled school activities or to give a warning of any hazardous conditions, use of, structure, or activities on the premises.  When the governing authority enters into a recreational joint-use agreement, it is not extending any assurance that the premises are safe or a duty of care, or assuming responsibility for or incurring liability for any injury, death, loss, civil penalty, or damages to persons or property caused by any act of a person to whom permission is granted.

B.  This Section does not exclude any liability which would otherwise exist for injury or damages caused by gross negligence or willful and wanton misconduct.

C.  When entering into a recreational joint-use agreement, the elementary or secondary school or charter school shall require in the agreement that the other entity maintain and provide proof of adequate liability and accident insurance coverage as determined by industry standards.

D.  As used in this Section, "recreational joint-use agreement" means a written agreement between the governing authority of an elementary, secondary, or charter school and a public or private entity, authorizing such entity to access the premises of a school under the governing authority's jurisdiction for the purposes of conducting or engaging in recreational activity.

E.  The agreement shall set forth the conditions, terms, and requirements under which such authorization and use is granted, including that the entity shall indemnify and hold harmless the governing authority from any liability arising from such use, and that the governing authority may at any time and without cause revoke its authorization to use the premises and terminate the agreement.

Acts 2011, No. 351, §1, eff. June 29, 2011.

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