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      RS 22:2394     


§2394.   Licensure as a utilization review organization

A. No health insurance issuer, or entity acting on behalf of, or agent of a health insurance issuer shall act as a utilization review organization unless authorized as such by the commissioner as provided in this Chapter.

B.   Any other entity may apply for and be issued a license pursuant to this Chapter to act as a utilization review organization on behalf of a health insurance issuer.

C.  An entity licensed as a utilization review organization shall notify the commissioner of any material change in fact or circumstance affecting its qualification for a license in this state within sixty days of the effective date of the change. The notice shall include any documentation that the commissioner may require. Changes in fact or circumstances shall include the following items:

(1)  Changes in control as defined in R.S. 22:691.2.

(2)  Amendments to the articles of incorporation.

(3)  Changes in officers and directors.

(4)  Merger or consolidation of the utilization or independent review organization with any other person or entity.

(5)  Use of a trade name in this state.

Acts 2013, No. 326, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2015.

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