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      CCRP 855.1     


Art. 855.1.  Conviction based on acts committed as a victim of trafficking

A motion for new trial based on Article 851(B)(6) of this Code shall be available only to persons convicted of violating R.S. 14:82, 83.3, 83.4, 89, or 89.2 prior to August 1, 2014, and shall contain allegations of fact sworn to by the defendant or counsel of the defendant, showing that the defendant was convicted of the offense which was committed as a direct result of being a victim of human trafficking or trafficking of children for sexual purposes, or a victim of an offense which would constitute human trafficking or trafficking of children for sexual purposes regardless of the date of conviction.  The motion shall provide information showing a rational and causal connection between the acts for which the defendant was convicted and the acts upon which the defendant bases his status as a victim.

Acts 2014, No. 564, §6.

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