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      RS 37:3276     


§3276.  Qualifications of licensee

A.  The board shall base the determination of the satisfactory minimum qualifications for licensing on whether or not the applicant meets the following criteria:

(1)  Is of good moral character.

(2)  Is of legal age.

(3)  Is a citizen of the United States.

(4)  Meets the suitability qualifications pursuant to R.S. 37:3276.1(A).

(5)  Has not been declared by any court of competent jurisdiction incompetent by reason of mental defect or disease which has not been restored.

(6)  Does not suffer from habitual drunkenness or from narcotics addiction or dependence.

(7)  A corporation seeking a license shall be incorporated under the laws of this state, or shall be duly qualified to do business within this state with a valid certificate of authority issued by the secretary of state, and shall have an agent for service of process designated as required by law.

B.  If, in the opinion of the board, the applicant provides inadequate information to allow the board to ascertain whether the applicant satisfies the qualifications for licensing, the applicant shall be required to provide additional information for purposes of the application, or may be required to present himself for an interview for this purpose.

C.  An applicant for licensing shall fill out and file with the board an application form provided by the board.  The form shall require relevant information about the applicant's character, experience, and background.

D.(1)  If the applicant is an individual, the application shall be subscribed and sworn to by such person.

(2)  If the applicant is a partnership, the application shall be subscribed and sworn to by each partner.

(3)  If the applicant is a corporation, it shall be subscribed and sworn to by at least two principal corporate officers.

(4)  Any individual signing a license application shall submit with the license application classifiable impressions of his fingerprints on a form approved by the board.

E.  The licensee shall be required to have in effect general liability insurance of at least five hundred thousand dollars with the state of Louisiana named as an additional insured and shall provide to the board a certificate of insurance issued by the carrier.

F.  An applicant or qualifying agent for a security business shall have three years of consecutive experience as an employee, manager, or owner of a security company, or three years of experience as a law enforcement officer with any federal, state, local, or United States military law enforcement agency.

G.  An applicant is prohibited from soliciting or operating a private security business prior to being issued a license.

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