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      CONST 6 38     




§38.  Levee Districts

Section 38.(A)  Retention; Reorganization; Consolidation.  Levee districts as organized and constituted on January 1, 1974 shall continue to exist, except that

(1)  The legislature may provide by law for the consolidation, division, or reorganization of existing levee districts, may create new levee districts, or may establish regional flood protection authorities as authorized by Section 38.1 of this Part.  However, except for the board of commissioners of a regional flood protection authority the members of the board of commissioners of a district heretofore or hereafter created shall be appointed or elected from among residents of the district, as provided by law.

(2)  A levee district whose flood control responsibilities are limited to and which is situated entirely within one parish may be consolidated and merged into such parish under the terms and conditions and in the manner provided in Section 16 of this Article.

(B)  Obligation of Contract Affirmed.  No action taken under this Section shall impair the obligation of outstanding bonded indebtedness or of any other contract of a levee district.

Acts 2006, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 43, §1, approved Sept. 30, 2006, eff. Jan. 1, 2007.

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