CCRP 444     

Art. 444.  Action by grand jury

A.  A grand jury shall have power to act, concerning a matter, only in one of the following ways:

(1)  By returning a true bill;

(2)  By returning not a true bill; or

(3)  By pretermitting entirely the matter investigated.

The grand jury is an accusatory body and not a censor of public morals.  It shall make no report or recommendation, other than to report its action as aforesaid.

B.  At least nine members of the grand jury must concur in returning "a true bill" or "not a true bill." A matter may be pretermitted by a vote of at least nine members of the grand jury, or as a consequence of the failure of nine of the grand jury members to agree on a finding.

C.  A grand jury may make such reports or requests as are authorized by law.