RS 16:12     

§12.  Vacancies

When a vacancy is caused by death, resignation or removal of a district attorney, the parish of Orleans excepted, and the unexpired term is for a longer period than one year, the attorney general shall forthwith assign the district attorney of another district to act as district attorney of the district wherein such vacancy exists and the district attorney so assigned shall be the lawful successor of such district attorney.  

Such assigned district attorney shall have the powers and duties and shall receive, as additional compensation for his services, the same remuneration as is provided by law for the district attorney of the district to which he is assigned, which shall be payable in the manner provided by existing law.  If the district to which assignment is made has been provided by law with assistant district attorneys, the assigned district attorney may appoint assistant district attorneys having the qualifications required by law, and the assistant district attorneys so appointed shall receive the remuneration provided by law for such assistants.  

The assignment of a district attorney as herein provided and the employment of the assistant district attorneys appointed shall be for a period which shall extend until the vacancy hereinbefore referred to shall be filled by election, appointment or otherwise as provided by law.  

Added by Acts 1960, No. 23, §1.