House Committee on Commerce
May 11, 2010
9:00 am
Room 1


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 HB532LORUSSOCORPORATIONS - Provides relative to open records of certain nonprofit corporations
 HB1118RICHMONDCRIME - Provides that misdemeanor or felony convictions shall not be considered as a factor in granting certain professional licenses or permits if more than five years have elapsed
 HB1130HARRISONANIMALS/HORSES - Creates the Louisiana Performance Horse Promotion Act
 HB1151ROBERT JOHNSONCONSUMERS/PROTECTION - Requires that a notice of recall be given to a prospective buyer prior to the purchase of a new vehicle
 HB1189WADDELLMOTOR VEHICLES - Provides relative to the La. Used Motor Vehicle Commission (EN INCREASE SG RV See Note)
 HB1321M.JACKSONPROPERTY/RIGHTS - Provides for the right to utilize propane gas as an energy source
 HB1423HUTTERATTORNEYS/FEES - Provides for the collection of court costs and attorney fees relative to a suit regarding damage to a condominium
 HB1447ELLINGTONAMUSEMENTS/TICKETS - Enacts the Event Tickets Reform Act
 SB98MARTINYPAWNBROKERS - Provides relative to change in ownership of certain pawnshops. (8/15/10)
 SB168WALSWORTHCEMETERIES - Provides for extension of time for the construction of cemetery facilities due to force majeure. (8/15/10)
 SB198A.DUPLESSISFINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS - Authorizes financial institutions to charge certain fees in connection with motor vehicle transactions. (gov sig)
 SB228A.DUPLESSISCONSUMERS/PROTECTION - Provides relative to credit reporting security. (8/15/10)
 SB291DONAHUECONTRACTORS - Requires a nonresident commercial, residential, or home improvement contractor to include its tax identification number on permit applications along with proof that contractor has registered to do business in the state. (8/15/10)
 SB318HEITMEIERCOMMERCIAL REGULATIONS - Requires certain notification regarding donation receptacles of commercial businesses. (8/15/10)
 SB342MARIONNEAUXCOMMERCIAL REGULATIONS - Provides relative to gift certificates. (8/15/10)
 SB368SHAWCOMMERCIAL REGULATIONS - Requires retailers to provide certain information to a consumer who purchases an iguana. (8/15/10)
 SB415MICHOTCOMMERCIAL REGULATIONS - Provides that developing or manufacturing computer software products, or developing or supplying services, while using stolen or misappropriated property including computer software where that product or service is sold or offered for sale is a deceptive or unfair trade practice or act. (8/15/10)
 SB484A.DUPLESSISBANKS/BANKING - Provides relative to payment of dividends or stock by state banks. (8/15/10)
 SB540WALSWORTHCEMETERIES - Provides for the removal of dedication of cemetery property. (8/15/10)
 SB620WALSWORTHCEMETERIES - Authorizes the Cemetery Board to issue subpoenas, conduct investigations, and issue cease and desist orders. (8/15/10)