House Committee on House and Governmental Affairs
May 22, 2012
9:30 am
Room 2


  BLUE = already considered.   RED = currently being considered.   BLACK = not yet considered.
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 HCR145N.LANDRYPUBLIC MEETINGS - Requests the legislative governmental affairs committees to study issues relative to meetings of public bodies
 HR8NORTONHOUSE/RULES - Provides relative to recommittal of certain legislative instruments
 HR12HUNTERHOUSE/RULES - Requires recommittal of certain legislative instruments
 HR46ABRAMSONLEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS - Provides procedures to discipline persons who attempt to intimidate members of the House
 HR62BROADWATERLEGISLATIVE PROCEDURE - Provides relative to substantive floor amendments to bills on the local and consent calendar and provides relative to calendar placement of certain bills
 SCR11MURRAYREDISTRICTING - Creates a special committee to study the process of redistricting or reapportionment.
 SCR93PERRYCRIMINAL JUSTICE - Requests the Integrated Criminal Justice Information System Policy Board to meet and facilitate in the development of an integrated criminal justice information system.
 SCR107ERDEYPUBLIC EMPLOYEES - Directs public agencies to provide sexual harassment education and training for its public servants.
 SB106GALLOTLEGISLATORS - Requires the state to allow legislators to use surplus space in a state building for a legislative office within their district. (8/1/12) (EG DECREASE GF EX See Note)
 SB207MORRISHHEALTH/ACC INSURANCE - Provides for review of health coverage premium rates. (8/1/12) (REF INCREASE SG EX See Note)
 SB452WALSWORTHCRIMINAL RECORDS - Provides that members of the press have access to booking photographs. (8/1/12)
 SB591CLAITORCAMPAIGN FINANCE - Authorizes the creation of the Candidates Others PACS Education Trust Interest Credit program. (8/1/12) (RE SEE FISC NOTE GF EX)
 SB606MORRELLPUBLIC RECORDS - Provides relative to expungement of records. (gov sig) (RE1 NO IMPACT See Note)
 SB707J.AMEDEEPUBLIC RECORDS - Excepts certain records obtained by the legislature for the purpose of election, confirmation, or approval from the provisions of public records law. (8/1/12)