House Order of the Day
April 28, 2014
2:00 p.m.
House Chamber


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House Committee Grid
  BLUE = already considered.   RED = currently being considered.   BLACK = not yet considered.
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1. Roll Call

2. Prayer

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Reading of Journal

5. Petitions, Memorials, and Communications

6. Introduction of Resolutions

7. Introduction of Bills

8. Senate Bills on First Reading

9. Reports of Committees

10. House and House Concurrent Resolutions Lying Over
 HCR109A.WILLIAMSHEALTH - Requests the Department of Health and Hospitals to study the use of a mode of transportation other than an ambulance in a nonemergency situation
 HCR110TALBOTWILDLIFE/HABITAT - Urges and requests the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to study feral hogs and conduct a symposium to discuss the issue
 HCR111HARRISONTAX/SEVERANCE TAX - Directs the legislative auditor to conduct annual audits of severance tax payments and directs the Department of Revenue to establish procedures to verify self-reported information regarding severance taxes

11. Senate Concurrent Resolutions Lying Over
 SCR64PERRYLEGIS POWERS/FUNCTIONS - Designates the city of Scott as the Cajun Art Capital of Louisiana.
 SCR71THOMPSONECONOMIC DEVELOP DEPT - Requests the Louisiana Department of Economic Development to study the feasibility of creating an official "Made in Louisiana" certification, brand, or label.

12. House Bills on Second Reading to be Referred to Committee
 HB1126PYLANTCORRECTIONS - Provides with respect to correctional facilities (EG NO IMPACT See Note)

13. Senate Bills on Second Reading to be Referred to Committee
 SB121MORRELLMENTAL HEALTH - Provides relative to marriage and family therapists. (8/1/14)
 SB140MURRAYCRIME/PUNISHMENT - Provides that failure to provide law enforcement with affidavit of theft of vehicle shall not create civil presumption of insured's participation in vehicle theft. (gov sig)
 SB167MARTINYDENTISTRY - Provides relative to the Board of Dentistry. (gov sig)
 SB312CROWESTUDENTS - Enacts the "Parents' Bill of Rights for Public Schools". (8/1/14)
 SB315DONAHUEPROCUREMENT CODE - Provides relative to group purchasing and cooperative purchasing provisions of certain public postsecondary education institutions. (7/1/14). (EN DECREASE GF EX See Note)
 SB359DONAHUEEMPLOYMENT - Limits penalty for failure to pay wages and employment discrimination. (8/1/14) (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 SB361RISERLAW ENFORCEMENT - Provides for the carrying of concealed weapons by certain law enforcement officers in all public places. (8/1/14)
 SB366CROWEBESE - Requires BESE to develop a master plan for K-12 education. (8/1/14)
 SB372MARTINYUNEMPLOYMENT COMP - Provides for auditing of employer records for unemployment compensation. (2/3-CA7s2.1) (8/1/14) (EN INCREASE SG RV See Note)
 SB403FRED MILLSHEALTH/ACC INSURANCE - Provides relative to third party payments of health insurance premiums of individuals with HIV/AIDS. (8/1/14)
 SB412MORRELLEMPLOYMENT - Provides with respect to employment discrimination. (8/1/14) (EN SEE FISC NOTE See Note)
 SB425CORTEZWATER/SEWER OPERATORS - Provides relative to privately owned public water supply or sewer system providers and requires office of public health to adopt rules to implement iron and manganese control requirements. (8/1/14)
 SB500HEITMEIERROADS/HIGHWAYS - Provides for refund of certain collections in the amnesty program for the Crescent City Connection Bridge. (gov sig) (EN INCREASE SD EX See Note)
 SB516BUFFINGTONHEALTH CARE - Provides for direct primary care. (8/1/14)
 SB518MARTINYCOMMERCIAL REGULATIONS - Provides relative to indemnification of motor carrier transportation contracts and construction contracts. (8/1/14)
 SB539NEVERSMENTAL HEALTH - Provides relative to suicide assessment, intervention, treatment, and management training for certain professions. (8/1/14) (EN SEE FISC NOTE SG EX See Note)
 SB554SMITHINSURANCE COMMISSIONER - Provides relative to insurance rate review. (gov sig)
 SB575MARTINYAPPRAISERS - Provides relative to the Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Board. (gov sig)
 SB578BROOMEFAMILY LAW - Provides relative to an award of visitation rights. (8/1/14) (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 SB586DORSEY-COLOMBCHILDREN - Provides relative to adoptions and prohibits the re-homing of a child. (8/1/14) (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 SB592MORRELLCRIME/PUNISHMENT - Provides relative to penalties for second degree battery. (8/1/14)
 SB593CROWEMUNICIPALITIES - Authorizes certain municipalities to adopt ordinance which limits the number of terms of office of its elected officials. (gov sig)
 SB598ERDEYPUBLIC CONTRACTS - Authorizes certain early childhood learning centers to engage in cooperative purchasing. (8/1/14)
 SB599ERDEYTOPS - Provides relative to TOPS reporting requirements. (gov sig)
 SB605MARTINYCOMMERCIAL REGULATIONS - Provides relative to the Louisiana Motor Commission. (8/1/14)
 SB635LAFLEURFISCAL CONTROLS - Moves the Cecil J. Picard Educational and Recreational Center from the Department of Education to the office of juvenile justice. (7/1/14)
 SB637BODI WHITECOSMETOLOGY - Provides relative to the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology. (8/1/14)
 SB642CROWELEGISLATIVE AUDITOR - Increases annual audit requirements for certain entities in certain parishes. (8/1/14)
 SB645WARDHEALTH/ACC INSURANCE - Relative to certain health maintenance organization disclosures. (8/1/14)
 SB649FRED MILLSHEALTH CARE - Provides for the Louisiana State Health Care Profession Institute. (8/1/14) (RE INCREASE GF EX See Note)
 SB650WALSWORTHENVIRONMENT QUALITY DEPT - Authorizes the Department of Environmental Quality, in collaboration with the Public Service Commission, to establish regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired electric generating units. (8/1/14)
 SB651ALLAINWEAPONS - Authorizes legislators and officers of the legislature to carry weapons under certain conditions. (gov sig)
 SB664CORTEZAGRICULTURE/FOREST COMR - Authorizes the commissioner of agriculture and forestry to receive and investigate complaints about prescribed burns and to revoke his authorization in certain situations. (8/1/14)
 SB674NEVERSMUNICIPALITIES - Provides relative to incorporation of unincorporated areas. (gov sig) (RE1 +$24,000 GF EX See Note)

16. House Bills on Second Reading Reported by Committee
 HB1274BADONHEALTH SERVICES - Provides relative to life-sustaining procedures for pregnant women
 HB1275T.BURNSADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE - Provides specified procedures for notice, public hearings, and reports regarding permits from the office of conservation of the Dept. of Natural Resources for operations that involve hydraulic fracture stimulation in certain parishes (EG SEE FISC NOTE SD EX)
 HB1276ABRAMSONPROPERTY/PUBLIC - Provides for the use of the Superdome for interscholastic athletic activities in certain circumstances
 HB1277THOMPSONTEACHERS - Provides relative to teacher tenure and the removal of teachers

17. Senate Instruments Second Reading Returned from the Legislative Bureau
 SB32MORRISHCRIME/PUNISHMENT - Provides criminal penalties for the manufacture, importation, sale, and installation of counterfeit air bags. (gov sig)
 SB128MARTINYPSYCHOLOGISTS - Provides for the licensure of specialist in school psychology by the State Board of Examiners of Psychologists. (8/1/14) (2/3-CA7s2.1)
 SB147DORSEY-COLOMBCRIMINAL JUSTICE - Provides relative to the notice of an execution required to be given to the victim's family. (8/1/14) (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 SB157MARTINYPSYCHOLOGISTS - Provides for the provisional licensure of psychologists by the State Board of Examiners of Psychologists. (8/1/14) (2/3-CA7s2.1)
 SB168WALSWORTHPUBLIC DEFENDER - Provides relative to appointments to the Louisiana Public Defender Board. (8/1/14)
 SB260JOHNSINSURANCE DEPARTMENT - Provides with respect to insurance producer license reinstatement. (8/1/14)
 SB279MARTINYNURSES - Changes the domicile of the Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners. (gov sig)
 SB281TROY BROWNINSURANCE DEPARTMENT - Provides with respect to insurance anti-fraud plans. (8/1/14)
 SB326SMITHCRIMINAL PROCEDURE - Authorizes certain individuals to view certain videotaped statements. (8/1/14)
 SB333JOHNSCRIMINAL RECORDS - Provides relative to crime against nature and incest. (gov sig)
 SB351THOMPSONCRIMINAL JUSTICE - Provides relative to burn injury reports. (8/1/14)
 SB383LAFLEURPROBATION/PAROLE - Provides with respect to parole eligibility. (8/1/14)
 SB388THOMPSONARSON - Provides relative to the registration of arson offenders. (8/1/14)
 SB399FRED MILLSPUBLIC SFTY/CORRECT DEPT - Provides with respect to the parole eligibility. (8/1/14)
 SB433BODI WHITEPUBLIC LANDS - Provides for the transfer of certain state properties in East Baton Rouge Parish. (gov sig)


1. House and Concurrent Resolutions Third Reading for Final Consideration

Scheduled for floor debate on 4/28/2014
 HCR43CARMODYBOARDS/COMMISSIONS - Requests the State Board of Medical Examiners to study and make recommendations concerning authorization to perform certain surgical procedures
 HCR67LEGERHEALTH/CANCER - Provides for the Louisiana Colorectal Cancer Roundtable to be coordinated by the LSU Health Sciences Centers
 HCR61LEGEREDUCATION/FINANCE - Urges and requests BESE to develop a statewide funding model for early childhood care and educational services
 HCR89FOILWATER/RESOURCES - Provides relative to the management regime for the Southern Hills Aquifer System

Scheduled for floor debate on 4/29/2014
 HCR51HODGESTRANSPORTATION - Creates a task force to study and make recommendations on actions necessary to complete the construction of the Comite River Diversion Project
 HCR62HARRISONCOASTAL RES/COASTAL ZONE - Urges and requests the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority to study Lake Verret as an alternative drinking water source for Bayou Lafourche
 HCR70HARRISONU.S. CONSTITUTION - Applies to congress under U.S. Const. Art. V to call a convention of the states to propose a U.S. constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget
 HCR81PEARSONCHILDREN/NEWBORNS - Directs the Dept. of Health and Hospitals to submit a report to the House and Senate committees on health and welfare evaluating the health benefits and healthcare costs of adding adrenoleukodystrophy to the mandatory screenings to be performed on a newborn child

3. House Concurrent Resolutions Returned from the Senate with Amendments

Scheduled for concurrence on 4/28/2014
 HCR103HONORECOMMENDATIONS - Commends Cameron Murray upon achieiving the rank of Eagle in the Boys Scouts of America

5. House Bills on Third Reading and Final Passage

Scheduled for floor debate on 4/28/2014
 HB1178HONORESCHOOLS - Provides relative to the membership and election of members of the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board
 HB1267STOKESPUBLIC SFTY/DEPARTMENT - Authorizes the fire marshal to require carbon monoxide alarm systems in certain hotels where a potential carbon monoxide poisoning threat exists (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 HB703J.EDWARDSSCHOOLS/CHARTER - Prohibits the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education from authorizing charter schools under certain circumstances (EG SEE FISC NOTE LF EX)
 HB876SEABAUGHSCHOOLS/BOARDS - Provides relative to greetings and displays associated with traditional celebrations in winter in public schools
 HB1199SCHRODEREDUCATION - Provides relative to parents' access to information about schools and instructional materials used by schools
 HB1228FOILSCHOOLS/CHOICE - Provides relative to a program for educating students with exceptionalities
 HB1268MONTOUCETBOARDS/COMMISSIONS - Establishes a task force to study a prospective requirement for service by certain physicians on the State Medical Disability Board upon request of the Firefighters' Retirement System
 HB1269CAMERON HENRYETHICS/CODE - Provides relative to the protection of public employees from reprisal and threats of reprisal for reporting acts of alleged impropriety (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB1270SIMONPUBLIC HEALTH - Provides for preparation of low-risk foods in the home for public consumption
 HB96J.EDWARDSJUDGES - (Constitutional amendment) Removes the mandatory retirement age of judges (EN DECREASE FC SG EX)
 HB333MONTOUCETPROCUREMENT - Provides preferences for extruded woven polypropylene products woven in Louisiana (RE INCREASE GF EX See Note)
 HB351BROADWATERCOMMERCIAL REGULATIONS - Provides relative to single business entities
 HB547BISHOPPROCUREMENT - Provides relative to the purchase of seats with arms in public seating areas of state buildings (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB551T.BURNSPRIVATE SECURITY - Makes changes to the Private Security Regulatory and Licensing Law
 HB565SEABAUGHMTR VEHICLE/VIOLATIONS - Provides for the disposition of court costs and administrative fees for certain citations issued for exceeding the posted speed limit
 HB851TALBOTMTR VEHICLE/COMPULS INS - Increases penalties for driving with a cancelled auto liability policy
 HB872IVEYMTR VEHICLE/COMPULS INS - Provides relative to motor vehicle liability security (EN INCREASE SD RV See Note)
 HB884ST.GERMAINFUNDS/FUNDING - Provides with regard to dedications of certain excess mineral revenues and deposits into the Budget Stabilization Fund (RE1 SEE FISC NOTE GF RV See Note)
 HB979ST.GERMAINTRANSPORTATION - Provides for the creation of the Louisiana Transportation Infrastructure Bank (REF SEE FISC NOTE SD RV See Note)
 HB1087GREGORY MILLERTAX/LOCAL - Authorizes the collector of certain taxing authorities to require the electronic filing and remittance of local sales and use taxes (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB1197SCHRODERMTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES - Creates the Save the Tchefuncte River Lighthouse special prestige license plate
 HB1233SEABAUGHTRAFFIC/VIOLATIONS - Prohibits municipalities from issuing citations on an interstate highway unless at least one-half linear mile in each direction of the travel lane of the interstate highway is included within the city limits
 HB1237WOODRUFFMTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES - Provides for parochial school prestige license plates and creates such for Saint Katharine Drexel Preparatory School and the Academy of Sacred Heart
 HB1244WILLMOTTAIRCRAFT/AIRPORTS - Repeals the Southeast Regional Airport Authority

Scheduled for floor debate on 4/29/2014
 HB1247ABRAMSONMTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES - Establishes a special prestige license plate for the Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans
 HB1249MONTOUCETUTILITIES - Provides relative to inspection and supervision fees paid by certain motor carriers and public utilities doing business in this state (EN NO IMPACT SD RV See Note)
 HB1252FOILMTR VEHICLE/DRIVER LIC - Provides that drivers' licenses be renewed every six years (EN +$10,100,000 SD RV See Note)
 HB1271LEGERSCHOOLS/FINANCE - Provides for allocations of certain local tax revenue to building renovation and replacement purposes in certain school districts (EN SEE FISC NOTE LF RV See Note)
 HB190GREGORY MILLERETHICS/NEPOTISM - Removes a nepotism exception for certain health professionals in a parish with a population of between four hundred thousand and four hundred forty thousand
 HB265GREGORY MILLERCAMPAIGN FINANCE - Prohibits the expenditure of campaign funds on certain specified items
 HB277GEYMANNETHICS - Provides for additional ethical standards for members of the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the state superintendent of education, and related persons
 HB329LOPINTOPAROLE - Amends provisions of law regarding parole eligibility (RE SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB415HOFFMANNTEACHERS/EVALUATION - Requires the convening of a subcommittee of the Accountability Commission to make recommendations relative to the evaluation of teachers and administrators (EN +$67,144 GF EX See Note)
 HB459ARNOLDETHICS - Allows an immediate family member of a legislator to lobby the legislature under certain circumstances
 HB533SEABAUGHTEACHERS/EVALUATION - Prohibits the inclusion of test scores of a student who has excessive absences in the value-added model or in other measures of student growth for purposes of teacher evaluations
 HB691BROADWATERATHLETICS/TRAINERS - Provides relative to athletic trainers
 HB764PEARSONINSURANCE/HEALTH - Provides for the licensing and regulation of health insurance navigators and similar individuals and entities
 HB920ST.GERMAINENVIRONMENT - Provides for beneficial projects in settlements of Right-to-Know Law violations
 HB1058HARRISONHEALTH/DHH - Requires the Dept. of Health and Hospitals to provide information concerning Down syndrome to healthcare providers and on its website
 HB1062HOFFMANNSNAP/FOOD STAMPS - Provides for a task force to make recommendations concerning electronic issuance of SNAP benefits
 HB1079T.BURNSCAMPAIGN FINANCE - Provides relative to the reporting of expenditures of campaign funds
 HB1082BISHOPFISHING/LICENSES - Imposes an additional fee on the sale of saltwater fishing licenses and dedicates the revenues (EN +$1,988,273 SD RV See Note)
 HB1113MACKMTR VEHICLE/DRIVER LIC - Provides for the suspension of a person's driver's license for failure to pay fine or failure to appear in court when charged with littering
 HB1142BURRELLCRIMINAL/BAIL - Provides relative to bail restrictions for offenses against a family or household member or dating partner
 HB1155HILLMENTAL HEALTH - Provides conditions for licensing of therapeutic group homes for youth suffering from mental illness
 HB1176BROADWATERTANF - Provides for restrictions on use of TANF cash assistance and electronic benefits transfer (EBT) cards
 HB1211T.BURNSELECTIONS - Provides relative to precinct changes and annexations for election purposes
 HB1272CAMERON HENRYAPPROPRIATIONS/JUDGMENT - Appropriates funds for judgments against the state related to expropriation of property in the matter of "Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College v. 1732 Canal Street, LLC, et al"
 HB1273LEGERLICENSING - Provides relative to the issuance of provisional licenses to ex-offenders in order to work in certain fields

6. Senate Bills on Third Reading and Final Passage

Scheduled for floor debate on 4/30/2014
 SB82THOMPSONSUNSET LAW - Re-creates the Department of Agriculture and Forestry. (6/30/14)
 SB93THOMPSONFORESTRY - Provides relative to the sale of certain forest tree seedlings. (gov sig)
 SB119THOMPSONANIMALS - Provides relative to the licensure and regulation of certain farm-raised exotic animals. (gov sig)
 SB58ALARIOTAX/INCOME/PERSONAL - Changes the Louisiana Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as an entity to which donations may be made on individual tax returns. (8/1/14) (EN NO IMPACT GF RV See Note)
 SB265MARTINYSECURITIES - Provides relative to registration of securities. (gov sig)
 SB287MARTINYPUBLIC SERVICE COMN - Re-creates the Department of Public Service. (6/30/14)
 SB288MARTINYSUNSET LAW - Re-creates entities transferred to or placed within the office of the governor. (6/30/14)
 SB362CORTEZCOMMERCIAL REGULATIONS - Provides relative to licensing renewal dates for currency exchange services through use of an electronic system. (gov sig)
 SB178MORRISHHEALTH/ACC INSURANCE - Provides with respect to health care sharing ministries. (8/1/14)
 SB181MORRISHPROPERTY INSURANCE - Provides with respect to the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation policy take-out program. (8/1/14)
 SB243MORRISHPUBLIC SFTY/CORRECT DEPT - Provide with respect to the Insurance Fraud Investigation Unit. (7/1/14)
 SB247MORRISHINSURANCE DEPARTMENT - Provides with respect to insurance fraud. (8/1/14)
 SB254MORRISHLIABILITY INSURANCE - Provides relative to travel insurance. (8/1/14) (EN -$13,750 SG RV See Note)
 SB296MORRELLCRIMINAL JUSTICE - Provides relative to inventory of untested sexual assault collection kits. (8/1/14)
 SB436MORRISHINSURANCE CLAIMS - Changes the sunset date of the "Sledge Jeansonne Louisiana Insurance Fraud Prevention Act". (8/1/14)
 SB542MORRELLGAMING - Requires annual report from the Gaming Control Board on impact of technology advances on gaming industry. (8/1/14)
 SB51MARTINYTAX/TAXATION - Removes the authority of the Louisiana Tax Free Shopping Program to charge participating retailers a membership fee. (gov sig) (EN -$80,000 SG RV See Note)
 SB139MARTINYCOMMERCIAL REGULATIONS - Provides relative to marine products. (8/1/14)
 SB384LAFLEURBONDS - Requires issuers of state municipal securities to comply with certain continuing disclosure rules of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. (8/1/14) (EN NO IMPACT GF EX See Note)


5. House Bills on Third Reading and Final Passage

Scheduled for floor debate on 4/28/2014
 HB770PRICEMOTOR VEHICLES - Provides relative to the Used Motor Vehicle Commission
 HB127HARRISONSCHOOLS/ST SUPERINTDT - Provides for election of the state superintendent of education (EG -$80,000 GF EX See Note)
 HB390MACKSTATE SYMBOL - Provides for fox pens as part of Louisiana's folklife heritage

Scheduled for floor debate on 4/29/2014
 HB1131PYLANTLAW ENFORCE/OFFICERS - Provides relative to training for part-time law enforcement officers
 HB1196LOPINTOJUDGES/JUSTICE OF PEACE - Authorizes retired justices of the peace to perform certain duties relative to waivers (EN NO IMPACT See Note)

Scheduled for floor debate on 4/30/2014
 HB70GREENELAW ENFORCE/CRIM JUS COM - Requires the Crime Victims Reparation Board to submit its report electronically


Morning Hour

12. House Bills on Second Reading to be Referred to Committee
 HB100DIXONCOURTS/COURT COSTS - Establishes court costs to pay for settlements to wrongfully convicted individuals

Regular Order

5. House Bills on Third Reading and Final Passage
 HB25TALBOTRETIREMENT/STATE SYSTEMS - Provides relative to membership in the Louisiana State Employees' Retirement System and the Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana (EG DECREASE APV)
 HB98P.WILLIAMSFUNDS/FUNDING - Provides for the distribution of the monies in the Shreveport Riverfront and Convention Center and Independence Stadium Fund
 HB114CONNICKPRESCRIPTION - Extends the time within which to commence a lawsuit in certain civil cases
 HB137HAVARDSTATE EMPLOYEES - Authorizes payroll deductions for dues for membership in the Louisiana Engineering Society (EG SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB409CHAMPAGNELEGISLATIVE AUDITOR - Provides relative to the authority and duties of the legislative auditor (EG INCREASE SG RV See Note)
 HB503CARMODYSTATE SYMBOL - Provides for the official state book
 HB524N.LANDRYCONDOMINIUMS - Provides relative to the Louisiana Condominium Act
 HB555CAMERON HENRYSTUDENTS - Provides for limitations and prohibitions on the collection and sharing of student information and provides penalties for violations
 HB588STEVE CARTERHIGHER EDUCATION - (Constitutional Amendment) Provides for members of the postsecondary education management boards and the Board of Regents to have qualifications provided by law
 HB667SIMONHEALTH - Reorganizes and recodifies the Miscellaneous Health Provisions chapter of Title 40 of the La. Revised Statutes
 HB679JACKSONCRIMINAL/SENTENCING - Provides relative to the policies, duties, powers, and reports of the Louisiana Sentencing Commission (OR NO IMPACT See Note)
 HB712GREENETAX/SEVERANCE TAX - Prohibits the state from paying interest on refunds for the overpayment of certain severance taxes (EN +$4,000,000 GF RV See Note)
 HB801ARNOLDTRAFFIC/VIOLATIONS - Limits the types of citations which can be issued from automated speed enforcement systems
 HB852TALBOTINSURANCE/GROUP - Provides relative to the disclosure of insurance claims data
 HB859ARNOLDTRAFFIC/VIOLATIONS - Requires automated traffic enforcement systems to use a standardized caution light time
 HB873T.BURNSETHICS/CODE - Provides relative to the confidential and privileged nature of certain records of the Board of Ethics
 HB1242ORTEGOBOATS/SHIPS/VESSELS - Authorizes the use of kayaks, canoes, and pirogues at the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge