House Committee on Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs
May 3, 2017
8:00 a.m.
Room 6


  BLUE = already considered.   RED = currently being considered.   BLACK = not yet considered.
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 HB41BISHOPTAX/LOCAL - (Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to the frequency of submission of tax propositions by political subdivisions
 HB56PRICEDISTRICTS/HOSPITAL SERVC - Provides relative to the West Ascension Parish Hospital Service District (EN DECREASE LF RV See Note)
 HB57PRICEDISTRICTS/RECREATION - Authorizes West Ascension Recreation Facilities District No. 1 to levy a sales tax (REF INCREASE LF EX See Note)
 HB150DUSTIN MILLERLIBRARIES - Provides relative to the name of the South St. Landry Community Library District
 HB262JIMMY HARRISINDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT - Provides relative to the industrial development board for the city of New Orleans
 HB377LYONSAGED PERSONS/AGING COUNC - Requires the Jefferson Council on Aging to provide certain levels of services at specified community and senior centers (EN SEE FISC NOTE LF EX)
 HB623HILFERTYDISTRICTS/PUBLIC IMPROVE - Creates the New Orleans Street Maintenance District in the city of New Orleans
 HB201MARCELLEDISTRICTS/CRIME PREVENT - Provides relative to the Melrose Place Crime Prevention District
 HB587HUNTERDISTRICTS/WATERWORKS - Provides relative to the Prairie Road Water District in Ouachita Parish
 HB109DEVILLIERTAX/SALES-USE, LOCAL - Provides relative to the St. Landry Parish central collection commission for sales and use taxes
 HB146DEVILLIERDISTRICTS/HOSPITAL SERVC - Provides relative to the per diem paid to board members of Hospital Service District No. 1 of St. Landry Parish (EN NO IMPACT LF EX See Note)
 HB71CARMODYCULTURE/REC/TOUR - Provides for the conservation of public military memorials