House Committee on Health and Welfare
May 1, 2018
1:00 p.m.
Room 5


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 HB881DUSTIN MILLERHEALTH/SMOKING - Provides relative to the Louisiana Smoke Free Air Act
 HCR64DUSTIN MILLERHEALTH/EMERG MED SERVICE - Creates the Emergency Medical Services Professional Working Group to study and make recommendations to the legislature concerning matters relating to licensure and regulation of emergency medical personnel
 HCR65MCFARLANDMEDICAID - Requests the La. Department of Health to study and report to the legislature concerning the potential implementation of mandatory case management in the Medicaid program
 HCR66TALBOTDRUGS/PRESCRIPTION - Requests a study concerning the prospective establishment of a state prescription drug importation program
 HCR69GREGORY MILLERMEDICAID - Requests a study concerning means by which to improve the Medicaid estate recovery functions of the La. Department of Health
 HCR70HODGESVETERANS - Provides relative to healthcare licensing boards reporting to the House and Senate committees on health and welfare on their recognition of military veterans training in various healthcare occupations
 HCR71EDMONDSATTORNEY GENERAL - Requests the attorney general to file an amicus brief in federal court to support Mississippi in that state's litigation to ban elective abortions after fifteen weeks gestation
 HCR76DUSTIN MILLERHEALTH/SMOKING - Creates a study committee to evaluate Louisiana's prevalence of tobacco-related illnesses resulting from secondhand smoke exposure
 SB40FRED MILLSHEALTH CARE - Provides relative to health profession licensing board membership. (8/1/18)
 SB99MORRELLHEALTH CARE - Extends legislative authority for the Louisiana Behavior Analyst Board. (7/1/18) (EG NO IMPACT See Note)
 SB506FRED MILLSHEALTH SERVICES - Provides relative to the clinical laboratory personnel committee. (8/1/18)
 SB561BARROWHUMAN DEVELOPMENT - Creates the Empowering Families to Live Well Louisiana Act. (gov sig) (REF SEE FISC NOTE SD EX See Note)