House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice
April 25, 2018
9:00 a.m.
Room 6


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 HB207BAGLEYDOMESTIC ABUSE - Requires those who serve temporary protective orders or protective orders to transmit a service return to the Louisiana Protective Order Registry
 HB253CONNICKCRIMINAL/HABIT OFFENDERS - Provides relative to the application of the habitual offender law
 HB259JORDANBAIL - Provides for presumptive pretrial release of a defendant on an unsecured personal surety or bail without surety except under certain circumstances
 HB278MARINOPROBATION - Provides relative to the Swift and Certain Probation Pilot Program
 HB354JORDANCRIMINAL/JURY TRIALS - (Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to a unanimous jury in felony cases
 HB365JORDANCRIMINAL/JURY TRIALS - Provides relative to a unanimous jury in felony cases
 HB389GARY CARTERCRIME/SEX OFFENSES - Increases penalties for the crime of sexual assault of persons with infirmities and provides enhanced penalties under certain circumstances
 HB438PUGHGAMBLING/RIVERBOAT - Provides for a referendum election in Tangipahoa Parish regarding riverboat gaming (OR SEE FISC NOTE)
 HB602MIGUEZWEAPONS/FIREARMS - Provides relative to the carrying of a concealed handgun at a school
 HB761PIERRECRIME/FELONIES - Amends criminal penalties for the crime of armed robbery
 HB762HILFERTYHOMELAND SECURITY - Provides relative to persons convicted of certain terrorism offenses
 HB807MORRISCRIMINAL/PROCEDURE - Provides relative to probation and parole violations
 SCR6MORRELLCRIMINAL RECORDS - Directs the Louisiana State Law Institute to study and make recommendations relative to expungement fees.
 SB49MORRELLCORRECTIONAL FACILITIES - Provides for family member visitation with offenders who have sustained serious injuries while in custody. (gov sig)
 SB50MORRELLCRIME/PUNISHMENT - Adds a person's telephone number when used for "caller ID spoofing" to the definition of "personal identifying information" for purposes of the crime of identity theft. (8/1/18)
 SB101MORRELLCRIMINAL JUSTICE - Creates the Louisiana Sexual Assault Oversight Commission. (8/1/18)
 SB102MORRELLCHILDREN'S CODE - Provides relative to disposition of children after adjudication of certain felony-grade delinquent acts. (8/1/18) (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 SB105MORRELLSEX OFFENSES - Provides that a person cannot give consent to sexual conduct while in police custody. (gov sig)
 SB166THOMPSONCRIMINAL PROCEDURE - Requires the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline information to be posted in additional locations. (gov sig)
 SB231MORRELLWEAPONS - Provides relative to the transfer of firearms for the violation of a protective order. (10/1/18)
 SB236MORRELLCRIME/PUNISHMENT - Creates the crime of sexual abuse of an animal. (gov sig)
 SB243MORRELLCRIMINAL PROCEDURE - Constitutional amendment to require unanimous juries for felonies. (2/3 - CA13s1(A))
 SB441MORRELLCRIME/PUNISHMENT - Provides penalties for reckless operation of certain all-terrain vehicles on public roadways. (8/1/18)