House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice
April 26, 2018
9:00 a.m.
Room 6


  BLUE = already considered.   RED = currently being considered.   BLACK = not yet considered.
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 HB274JORDANCONTROLLED SUBSTANCES - Provides for the decriminalization of marijuana possession and distribution (OR DECREASE GF EX See Note)
 HB277MARCELLEWEAPONS/FIREARMS - Prohibits the sale of assault rifles to any person under the age of twenty-one years
 HB486SHADOINJUVENILE PROCEDURE - Provides relative to juvenile court jurisdiction
 HB525BAGNERISDWI - Provides relative to the crime of operating a vehicle while intoxicated
 HB602MIGUEZWEAPONS/FIREARMS - Provides relative to the carrying of a concealed handgun at a school
 HB611JAMESDRUGS/ILLEGAL - Establishes a civil penalty for marijuana possession (OR INCREASE LF RV See Note)
 HB630HUNTERHUMAN TRAFFICKING - Provides relative to the use of debt bondage to coerce a person to provide services or labor
 HB631HUNTERPARDON/PAROLE - Provides that a recommendation for clemency by the Board of Pardons does not expire upon the expiration of a governor's term in office
 SCR39JOHNSCHILDREN - Creates and provides for the Child Protection Act Advisory Commission.
 SB42APPELCRIMINAL JUSTICE - Provides relative to making a false communication that triggers an emergency response ("swatting"). (gov sig)
 SB54MARTINYARSON - Creates the crime of negligent arson. (gov sig)
 SB69CLAITORCRIMINAL PROCEDURE - Provides for the in forma pauperis filing of expungements. (8/1/18)
 SB70MIZELLCRIMINAL PROCEDURE - Provides relative to permissible warrantless searches of the residences of defendants on probation or parole. (8/1/18)
 SB72MARTINYMENTAL HEALTH - Provides relative to the execution of an order for protective custody and examination. (gov sig)
 SB308MIZELLHEALTH SERVICES - Provides relative to the creation of a volunteer and employee criminal history system. (1/1/19)
 SB317CLAITORPUBLIC DEFENDER - Provides procedure for expulsion of members of the Louisiana Public Defender Board for unexcused absences at board meetings. (gov sig)
 SB335MIZELLCRIME/PUNISHMENT - Provides for penalties for persons convicted for soliciting prostitutes. (8/1/18)
 SB384CLAITORCRIMINAL RECORDS - Prohibits the publication of certain criminal information or juvenile record information. (8/1/18)
 SB402RISERWEAPONS - Clarifies that both volunteer and paid security guards may serve churches or houses of worship and provides for tactical training requirements for certain concealed handgun permittees. (8/1/18)
 SB471RISERCRIMINAL PROCEDURE - Provides relative to the functions of jury commissions in Caldwell Parish. (8/1/18)
 SB473JOHNSLAW ENFORCEMENT - Authorizes Louisiana Property Assistance Agency to make surplus bulletproof vests available for purchase to certain part-time and reserve peace officers under the same requirements as the vests are made available to certain full-time employees. (8/1/18)
 SB558BARROWCORRECTIONAL FACILITIES - Provides relative to incarcerated women. (8/1/18)

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