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      RS 17:3352     


§3352.  Degrees; conditions

A.  Each board shall confer degrees evidencing satisfactory completion of the principal courses of study and award diplomas in certification thereof at the colleges and universities under its jurisdiction.  However, no degree shall be issued to a student who has failed to comply with all grade point requirements for obtaining such degree as published in the institution's catalog.  Each board may provide for the issuance of certificates to evidence satisfactory pursuance of studies not leading to a degree.  Any board also may confer appropriate honorary degrees on any persons who have made substantial achievements in literary, artistic, scientific, or technical fields of endeavor, but no degree, whether honorary or earned, shall be conferred except by vote of the board upon the recommendation of the president or chief administrative officer of the system, head of the college or university, and of the faculty of the appropriate college, school, or division of a college or university.

B.  All earned degrees and certificates conferred by each board shall be recognized by the courts and other officials of Louisiana as entitling the graduates holding such degrees to the same rights, privileges and immunities in the state of Louisiana as the diplomas, degrees or certificates of any other institution of learning.

Added by Acts 1975, No. 313, §2, eff. July 1, 1975.  Acts 1991, No. 744, §1.

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