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      RS 18:671     



§671.  Judgment declaring office vacant

A.  In addition to other procedures authorized by law, an office shall be considered vacant for purposes of this Part when a judgment declaring the office vacant as provided in this Subpart becomes final.

B.  For purposes of this Part, "designated domicile" means the residence or domicile stated on an officeholder's notice of candidacy or on the document evidencing the appointment or selection of the officeholder.

C.  For purposes of this Part, "proper official" means the district attorney of the officeholder's designated domicile, except that in the case of an officeholder of a state office, as defined in R.S. 18:452, a state legislator, or a district attorney, the proper official shall be the attorney general, provided that in the case of the attorney general, the proper official shall be the district attorney of the Nineteenth Judicial District.

Acts 1988, No. 550, §1, eff. Aug.  1, 1988.

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