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      RS 33:2476.1     


§2476.1. Shreveport fire and police civil service board

           A. Notwithstanding the provisions of R.S. 33:2476, the members of the Shreveport municipal fire and police civil service board shall be appointed by the governing authority of the municipality as follows:

           (1) One shall be appointed by the governing authority upon its own nomination.

           (2)(a) Two members shall be appointed from a list of nominees submitted by the chancellor of Louisiana State University at Shreveport and two shall be appointed from a list of nominees submitted by the chancellor of Southern University at Shreveport. Each chancellor shall submit two nominations for each position which is to be filled. Such nominations shall be made within sixty days of request, made by certified letter, for such list.

           (b) If a list of nominations is not submitted within sixty days after submission of request for such list, such failure shall be considered a failure to perform a ministerial duty required by law of a public official or corporate officer. To this end, the district attorney for Caddo Parish shall provoke the issuance of a writ of mandamus to compel the official or officer to act as provided by law.

           (3) In an effort to ensure that the board is sensitive to concerns of all of the citizens of the municipality, the governing authority shall make appointments pursuant to Paragraphs (1) and (2) of this Subsection so as to provide that membership on the board will reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of the population of the municipality.

           (4) The governing authority shall appoint four members who have been nominated and elected by and from the regular employees of the fire and police departments as follows:

           (a) Two members shall be elected and appointed from the fire department, and two members shall be elected and appointed from the police department. The employee-nominees from each department shall be elected by secret ballot of the regular employees of their respective department at an election to be called and held for that purpose by the chief of the department. In such an election, each voting employee shall cast two votes and may distribute them among candidates in any manner the voter chooses, including casting both votes for a single candidate. The two candidates receiving the most votes shall be elected.

           (b) The chief of each department shall call such an election within forty-five days after the effective date of this Paragraph by posting, for a fifteen-day continuous period immediately preceding the election, a notice thereof on the bulletin board of each station house of his department. The chief shall officially notify the governing authority of the municipality, within the ten-day period immediately following the election, of the names of the employee-nominees so elected.

           (c) The chief of the department shall vote in the election only in the case of a tie vote.

           B. The terms of members appointed pursuant to Subsection A of this Section shall be three years except that the initial terms of such members shall be as follows: the member appointed on the governing authority's own nomination shall serve three years; the members appointed from nominees submitted by the executive head of a college or university shall serve two years; and the employee members shall serve one year.

           C. Any single vacancy in an employee-member position on the Shreveport board which occurs prior to the expiration of a term shall be filled by election-nomination and appointment as provided in Paragraph A(4) of this Section except that each voting employee shall cast a single vote.

           D. In Shreveport, five members of the board shall constitute a quorum, and the concurring votes of a majority of those present and voting, a quorum being present, shall be sufficient for the decision of all matters to be decided or transacted by it.

           Acts 1999, No. 1190, §1.

NOTE: See Acts 1999, No. 1190, §§2 and 3, relative to expiration of terms of current members, and termination of effectiveness of Act on Dec. 31, 2001, and expiration of terms and filling of vacancies at that time.

           NOTE: See Acts 2001, No. 505, relative to the repeal of §3

           of Acts 1999, No. 1190.

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