Senate Daily Digest
October 23, 2020
10:00 a.m.
Senate Chamber


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Pledge of Allegiance

Reading of Journal

Petitions, Memorials, and Communications

Senate Bills Returned from House with Amendments
 SB20HEWITTEMERGENCY POWERS - Provides relative to voting and the holding of elections impaired as the result of a declared emergency or disaster. (1/1/21) (Item #5) (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)

Senate Bills 3rd Reading and Final Passage Subject to Call
 SB25ALLAINENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL - Provides for the transfer and use of funds from the Louisiana Main Street Recovery Program to the Oilfield Site Restoration Fund. (gov sig) (Item #19) (EG SEE FISC NOTE SD EX See Note)
 SB47PETERSONFUNDS/FUNDING - Provides for the allocation of certain funds in the state treasury. (gov sig) (Items #16 and #19) (EG SEE FISC NOTE SD EX See Note)
 SB51BARROWPHARMACISTS - Provides for immunizations, including the COVID-19 vaccine, to be administered by pharmacists. (See Act) (Item #40)
 SB61MIZELLGOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION - Creates the office of broadband and connectivity. (gov sig) (Item #39) (RE INCREASE GF EX See Note)
 SB66TROY CARTERPUBLIC RECORDS - To provide relative to the disclosure of certain personal information of appointed and certain elected officials. (gov sig) (Item #46)
 SB75MILLIGANCOMMERCIAL REGULATIONS - Provides relative to reporting requirements by certain Chinese enterprises. (gov sig) (Item #28) (EG NO IMPACT GF EX See Note)

House Concurrent Resolutions Reported by Committee Subject to Call
 HCR25GADBERRYTEACHERS - Requests that the State Civil Service Commission establish the same or substantially similar sick leave benefits for classified employees serving as teaching staff within the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections, office of juvenile justice, as those provided for public school teachers injured or disabled while acting in their official capacity

House Concurrent Resolutions to be Adopted Subject to Call
 HCR9SCHEXNAYDERLEGISLATIVE POWERS - Suspends certain authority of the governor relative to the declaration of an emergency (Item #41)

House Bills 3rd Reading and Final Passage
 HB52EDMONDSPUBLIC HEALTH/OFFICE - Requires regular reporting of the number of school-age children known to have an infectious disease during a public health emergency relating to the disease (Item #28) (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 HB56BAGLEYSCHOOLS - Authorizes administration of medical marijuana to a student by a parent, guardian, or authorized school employee at a public school (Item #42)
 HB73JONESDISTRICTS/DOWNTOWN DEVEL - Provides relative to the use of tax increment financing by the Downtown Economic Development District for the City of Monroe (Item #66) (EG SEE FISC NOTE LF EX See Note)
 HB80CHARLES OWENSTUDENT/ASSESSMENT - Provides relative to the use of student assessment results for the 2020-2021 school year with respect to school and district accountability, teacher evaluation, and student promotion (Item #42)
 HB42WRIGHTSCHOOLS/CHOICE - Authorizes parents to appeal a local school board's denial of school enrollment requests to the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (Item #42)
 HB100NEWELLJUVENILES - Provides relative to the Juvenile Justice Reform Act Implementation Commission's powers and duties (Item #28)

Instruments Pending Senate Conference
 SB29CORTEZEMERGENCY POWERS - Provides for legislative review of a state of emergency issued by the governor that extends beyond thirty days. (gov sig) (Items #1 and #2)
 SB37BODI WHITECAPITAL OUTLAY - To provide relative to the capital outlay process. (gov sig) (Item #15) (EGF NO IMPACT See Note)
 SB38BODI WHITEFUNDS/FUNDING - Provides relative to the creation, use, dedication, and transfer of funds in the state treasury. (gov sig) (Item #16) (REF SEE FISC NOTE SD EX See Note)
 HB16FRIEMANLIABILITY/PUBLIC - Provides relative to limitations of liability for public and non-public schools and postsecondary education during public health emergencies (Items #1, 2, 3, 28, and 42)
 HB38LANCE HARRISFUNDS/FUNDING - Provides relative to funding university, parish, and municipal police departments (Items #15 and 16) (REF SEE FISC NOTE SD EX See Note)
 HB85MAGEEFUNDS/FUNDING - Provides relative to the Louisiana Main Street Recovery Program (Item #18) (REF SEE FISC NOTE SD EX See Note)
 HB96FREEMANSTUDENTS - Provides relative to sharing of student information for the purpose of administering the pandemic electronic benefits transfer (P-EBT) program (Item #28)

Conference Committee Report Received
 HB84EDMONDSEMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - Provides relative to the expenditure of federal funds received as a result of a disaster or emergency (Item #27) (EN SEE FISC NOTE FF EX See Note)