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Louisiana Civil Rights Museum Advisory Board

c/o Bridgette Thibodeaux
751 Chartres Street
New Orleans, LA 70116

(504) 568-6967

RS 25:845

MemberAddressSeat Information
Vacant Appt by and Rep Amistad Research Ctr
Vacant Appt by Lt Gov; Rep CD 7
Vacant Appt by Chan, SUBR
Vacant Appt by City of NO Cnclperson rep dist where museum located
Vacant Ex-O; Senator Rep Dist where museum located
Vacant Appt by Lt. Gov; Rep CD 4
Vacant Appt by Lt Gov; Rep CD 5
Vacant Appt by Lt Gov; Rep CD 6
Vacant Ex-O; State Rep Dist located Mus or Desig
Bagneris, Madlyn B.5000 Bancroft Drive
New Orleans, LA 70122-1216
Appt by Lt Gov; Rep CD 2
Colin, Lynnette W.1712 O. C. Haley Blvd., Ste. 302
New Orleans, LA 70302
Appt by Oretha Haley Merch Assoc
Edwards, Priscilla R.2020 Jackson Ave
New Orleans, LA 70113
Rep Central City Partnership
Ejiaga, Romanus6801 Press Drive, Suite 2621
New Orleans, LA 70163
Appt by Chan, SUNO
Jones, Ernest L.6021 Wright Road
New Orleans, LA 70128-2715
Appt by Mayor, NO
Morse, Judy ReeseUrban League of Louisiana
4640 South Carrollton Ave., Suite 210
New Orleans, LA 70119
Ex-O; Lt Gov or Desig
Nelson, Louis ThomasP. O. Box 379
St. Martinville, LA 70582-3106
Appt by Lt Gov; Rep CD 3
Rollins, Nolan V.Urban League
3450 W. Mt. Vernon Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90008
Appt by Lt Gov; Rep CD 1
Williams, Brenda Brent3821 Aspen Drive
Harvey, LA 70058-5800
Appt by Efforts of Grace, Inc
Wright, Loyce Pierce131 Pinehurst Court
New Orleans, LA 70128-3642
Appt by LA Comm on Human Rights

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