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      RS 49:972     


§972.  Family impact statement; issues to be considered; procedure; penalty

A.  Prior to the adoption and implementation of rules, each state agency shall consider and state in writing the impact of such rules on family formation, stability, and autonomy.  This written consideration shall be known as the "family impact statement".

B.  The family impact statement will consider and respond in writing to the following regarding the proposed rule:

(1)  The effect on the stability of the family.

(2)  The effect on the authority and rights of parents regarding the education and supervision of their children.

(3)  The effect on the functioning of the family.

(4) The effect on family earnings and family budget.

(5)  The effect on the behavior and personal responsibility of children.

(6)  The ability of the family or a local government to perform the function as contained in the proposed rule.

C.  All family impact statements must be in writing and kept on file in the state agency which has adopted, amended, or repealed a rule  in accordance with the applicable provisions of law relating to public records.

D.  For the purposes of this Section, "family" shall mean a group of individuals related by blood, marriage, or adoption who live together as a single household.

Acts 1999, No. 1183, §1.

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