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      CCP 2087     


Art. 2087.  Delay for taking devolutive appeal

A.  Except as otherwise provided in this Article or by other law, an appeal which does not suspend the effect or the execution of an appealable order or judgment may be taken within sixty days of any of the following:

(1)  The expiration of the delay for applying for a new trial or judgment notwithstanding the verdict, as provided by Article 1974 and Article 1811, if no application has been filed timely.

(2)  The date of the mailing of notice of the court's refusal to grant a timely application for a new trial or judgment notwithstanding the verdict, as provided under Article 1914.

B.  When a devolutive appeal has been taken timely, an appellee who seeks to have the judgment appealed from modified, revised, or reversed as to any party may take a devolutive appeal therefrom within the delays allowed in Paragraph A of this Article or within ten days of the mailing by the clerk of the notice of the first devolutive appeal in the case, whichever is later.

C.  When one or more parties file motions for new trial or for judgment notwithstanding the verdict, the delay periods specified herein shall commence for all parties at the time they commence for the party whose motion is last to be acted upon by the trial court.

D.  An order of appeal is premature if granted before the court disposes of all timely filed motions for new trial or judgment notwithstanding the verdict.  The order becomes effective upon the denial of such motions.

E.  The time within which to take a devolutive appeal under the provisions of this Article is interrupted for all parties upon the filing of a notice of removal in a district court of the United States, pursuant to the provisions of 28 U.S.C. 1446, and commences anew on the date the proceeding is remanded.

Amended by Acts 1962, No. 92, §1; Acts 1976, No. 201, §1; Acts 1977, No. 174, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1978; Acts 1987, No. 695, §1; Acts 1995, No. 658, §1; Acts 1997, No. 609, §1; Acts 1997, No. 1056, §1.

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